Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Event Creator Version

I will link the new Event Creator Version (1.27) below. If anyone is interested in seeing how I make events feel free to check the link out. This is a tool used by Echorid and myself to edit events, making the process a bit easier then simply programming everything in.

The Event Creator uses a very simple language somewhat like BBCode to do various things in the game once the game reads the event file (which is saved as a simple text). If anyone is interested in making an event for the game send me an e-mail (tacoking.fp@gmail.com). There are some places that I feel do not need events and there are restrictions on the levels of transformations, but I always am open to adding new events in some areas that could use some flushing out. If you simply have some ideas to add more flavor to events such as walking on the residential streets feel free to send me some ideas as well.

Don't worry if you don't feel like doing any of the above, Echorid and myself have plenty of material we are working with to expand the game independent of any user submissions. I just want to give others the opportunity to have some say into how the world is shaped. I have a pretty rigid skeleton but there are plenty of areas to add some meat to the bones :)


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