Friday, June 3, 2011

Getting there :)

Just posting a general report on what I'm working on. I just need to finish the park (night time), the river, and the hospital. I anticipate finishing the park and river today. The hospital becomes the biggest obstacle for getting the alpha released tomorrow. I probably will have to totally redo the way body parts are removed / changed as the old way was horrible (an endless series of windows default beep sounds w/ message box popups) and I want to make it nicer and easier to use. While this possibly could work out perfectly tomorrow, I wouldn't bank on it. Expect the game Sunday or potentially Monday at worst case scenario...though if it IS available tomorrow I will happily post the link here :)

Oh, and all existing items have been done as well. They've all been briefly tested and seem to work. (keyword is seem).


  1. Nice ^^

    Keep this great game alive , pls ^^ Its look intresting! xD

  2. You don't have to worry about me vanishing, once I get focused on something it's hard for me to lose focus. Just hope you all can bear with me, the game will keep getting and better it just takes awhile to program things sometimes :)

  3. Nice to know! ^^
    Good luck i wish to you ^^
    I'll stalk this blog :3 xD


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