Saturday, June 18, 2011

0.10.11a Save Game Test

I didn't make many changes yet in the build, but one thing I did do was revise how save files are processed. If anyone is brave, I would appreciate it if you could test the save / load function and let me know if it works as intended.

To convert your old save file, click on: "Load OLD Save Game"

When in the game, click on "save" as you normally would.

Try loading your NEW save in game and then at the title screen and let me know if it works.

Thanks guys!

Those of you who do not want to brave this test, tomorrow (Sunday) or possibly monday I will have 0.10.12a ready.
(You will still need the VB powerpack addon. It is available on the downloads page)


  1. Looks good, loading and saving MUCH faster, everything seems to be loading fine, you might want to provide a guide to the file as it seems you're storing everything in arrays.

    On the other hand... the math on the skills screen is rather questionable :P
    Etiquette: 5 (base skill) + 0 (skill modifier) + 1 (Appearance bonus) + 1 (Intelligence bonus) - 2 (lust penalty) = 7

  2. @Tacoking: so this seems to have fixed the non ASCII Names issue.. but there is a latent font issue as well as a strange inject that's coming in; I think this is good enough for now, in the future you'll probably have to detect if they select a name with certain characters and switch to a font that supports those characters (it's doing it automatically now but it looks weird)

    Only one issue found... when I use my mixed Unicode test string it ends up as: "System.Windows.Forms.TextBox, Text: Ϛ䫓j἖萬めRッ὘偘" in the save file which explains the inject I was seeing.

  3. The new load/save system seems to run without a hitch for me. I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.

  4. @Leeter: I need to fix the skill window math, that's for sure lol. At least saving / loading works. I forgot to set it to unicode encoding (maybe it's default?) so I was surprised to hear that works.

    @Seip: I'm glad it works!

    Since no one has reported anything bad about the save/load system, I'll have 0.10.12a out either later tonight (doubtful) or tomorrow. That was easier to do then I thought it would be!


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