Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quick Hotfix

I made a quick 5 minute hotfix  to fix the sleep error primarily. By adding that lost hour I forgot to program (there was no midnight) it messed up the sleep until morning/night options causing you to wake up an hour early. I also cut and pasted code I put in the wrong place which made it so the option to make the action window transparent would not work at all.

Hotfix Notes:
  • Bug Fixes
    • Options
      • Made it so transparent action panel works as intended.
    • Sleeping
      • Made it so you will not longer wake up an hour earlier then intended. 

The hotfix can be found here and on the downloads page. See the downloads page for instructions.


  1. Hi there, the UI does seem to have improved a bit now, but the biggest problem I had with the earlier version still remains. The text is too large on text labels, command buttons, etc. Could you include an option to change text size on these? At present words are partially obscured and text sometimes wraps around and overlaps so you can only read part of it. :-(

  2. Dont know if it is a bug or the lady with the massive boobs just has a strange sense of big and small, i have 2 j cup breasts, and when i meet her the 2nd time she still says i am lacking and gives me more vials.

  3. Just curious gentlemen, but when will we be able to tell the restaurant owner that we're, uh, "overproducing" from top and bottom outlets and not cause a complete mess when we go to work in the kitchen?

  4. I'm not entirely sure, I'll leave that one up to Echorid. Originally, pre-0.10.6a the kitchen only allowed your cock to be pumped. It was a fairly bland event other then giving you a boost in cock size.

    Echorid rewrote all the awesome stuff into that event :D

    @Anon: That is odd, I've never encountered such an error before. Do you have the calibri font installed? If so, do you have any monitor settings that would increase font sizes or anything of that nature?

    It is possible that I caused some formatting errors with the new UI changes. The buttons lost 5 pixels (at most 1 letter) but the code that makes the button autolimits it to 31 characters (max of 33 previously) anyways so that shouldn't be the issue. Still, I will check to be sure.

    @Grimnebullin: She should, but I forgot to program that in. You should be limited to H-Cup if I remember so that in itself is a bug o.O

  5. Oh, one other thing, when we successfully steal the money pouch from the injured elf, are we actually supposed to get an amount of EP, or just the skill-up? Because currently we get no funds from it.

  6. You're supposed to get money from it.

    Also, I intend to rewrite/expand upon the entire kitchen event. The current event is written in a way that it should only be displayed only once. I also didn't account for very much at all back then, unlike how I'm writing the new farm event.

    Also, I'm slightly intoxicated, so excuse me if I say something entierly redonkulous

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Okay, I can't get this version to work at all, and according to your instructions the hotfix isn't "working."

    If I try to load an old save, it errors. If I try to click Begin Game after building a new character, it errors. All I can do is load a new save file (which I can't make since I can't start a game) or read the credits.

    Is this just my problem? This only happened in the last version if I tried to leave the Options screen.

  9. Download the vb powerpack on the download page. It will fix the crashing issues.

  10. Hi again,

    Good guess. It looks like what is happening is that I have Display -> Adjust Resolution set to 'larger' to make the default font size easier to read on my PC. It looks like a few programs (including yours) use that value to adjust font size of command buttons, etc. but can't handle resizing / repositioning the UI elements.

    I've changed it back to 'Medium' for now. Ideally your program should either ignore the default text resolution settings, or should adjust the command button sizes, positions, to work with the selected resolution. It's not a big deal now that I know what the problem is, though.

  11. Anon21: Thank you for discovering this. I'll look into it and see if there is anything I can do. I disabled XP Themes previously (and plan to do so) as it allows me to use form elements in a less restrictive way. I feel that this may be a side-effect of that. I will see if I can possibly fix it so that errors like the one you experienced do not appear.


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