Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pornarium 0.10.11a Released

Update Focus
The main focus of this update is yet again, bug fixes! Yay. I've added a few quality of life improvements based upon player feedback. Let me know how this goes.

IMPORTANT: I have left the link for 0.10.10a up just in case. Most updates I run a secondary test prior to uploading but this time I did not have time. What does this mean? I may have accidently forgot to take something out that causes a crash (in the game). While I certainly agree the game is buggy, it at least seems to not crash often if at all. If it should crash let me know and I'll make a hotfix for this update asap. In the meantime, if it's broken download 0.10.10a again.

General Update Information:
  • IMPORTANT: If you are an existing Pornarium user, simply overwrite your Pornarium.exe file but DO NOT copy the pornarium.exe.config.xml. If you do, it will overwrite all of your user configuration files. In the event I add more user settings, you will have to overwrite this file. I will of course mention when this happens :)
  • Want to improve Pornarium? The best place to give me suggestions is on this page!
  • Want to read the update notes? Click on this link to view the update notes!
  • Want to report bugs and see what bugs have already been reported? Check out the bug reports page.
  • Want to download the latest release? It's available as always on the downloads page.
  • If you have a bug that you want to report OR you get stuck, click on the event text box and press control+b. It should get you out of a jam and give you the option to send me a bug report.


  1. Just to let ya know that when i start the game up somthing pops up and it asks me if i want to open/save/cancel so i already had it saved so i clicked opened it opened! and then canceled the command and the same thing popped up. is this somthing you can fix?

  2. Hi, it's me again, Olivia:)

    Just wanted to say thank you for clearing up my confusions a couple of updates back:)

    I can't tell you how relieved I was when I read that you weren't cancelling the game, phu!:D

    As I mentioned earlier, I came over here because of Fenoxo so I'm relatively new, but from what I've seen so far from the comment sections, there is allot demands (i.e I want this, why don't you have that in the game etc), while this is fine considering the game is still heavily in development, I feel people aren't giving you the praise that you guys deserve (I'm new as I've said so if I'm wrong, please don't flame on me:))

    So, having followed Fenoxo for a while I have gotten somewhat of an idea how difficult it is to make and how much time that goes into a project like this, so really what I'm trying to say is:

    Thank you both for doing this, and I'm sure I'm speaking for your whole community when I'm saying that you're doing a great job! Keep it up:)

    I'm gonna download the latest release now, can't wait:)

  3. @Olivia

    I can't imagine anyone flaming you for saying thanks, least of all me and Tacoking :)

    You're most definitely welcome, and I hope we will continue to entice you to play our game in the future :)

    As for requests and such, I'm fine with it, really. I'm doing this for free and on my own time, and so I can pick and chose what I want to work on. Requests can spark ideas however, and it is just that which made me start writing an event involving a certain desolate farm. Already I am 1500 words in, and I've barely scratched the surface of what I've got planned :P

    Comments, criticism, requests, thanks or just playful banter tells me that people are interested in more, and probably enjoying what is already present. By speaking out, you guys/gals take part in the creation of the game in your own way, something I am very happy with as few men or women can create a masterpiece on their own. This gets me in a good mood, which in turn triggers my "writer mood", or whatever you might wish to call it, in which I find it the easiest to create my stories.

    So instead of flaming you, I thank you :)

  4. @Olivia: Thank you for the kind words. Echorid really said it best so I can only echo what he said. Though replace "writer mood" with programmer mood I guess :p. I haven't been writing much as I've been working on sorting out the bugs and stuff.

    @Ted: You need .NET 4.0 installed. Also, you still do need the pornarium.exe.config.xml file, but you do not need to overwrite your existing copy (yet) if one exists. Hope this helps!

  5. Your download link seems to go to a non-existent page...

  6. Fixed, I'm very sorry. I was editing it and I accidentally never clicked "save and publish". By doing so, it removed the page and placed it in limbo which was terrible.

  7. FYI, odd job says it is paying you, but your EP does not go up this version :)

  8. I'm thinking of doing one last update before making new content for the game (working on the sex system now actually :D). In that update it will include a fix for the EP issues (hopefully lol).

  9. Works now :) Thanks Tacoking

    *goes to hunt for the hinted new content*

  10. I hope your planning on adding classes at the university to spend your money on that raise the core stats. Seems like there isn't much to do with money at the moment. Also, a garment shop that sells stuff that affects stats would be nice as well.

  11. Hello

    I am a new fan who came across your game through Fenoxo's blog. Enjoyed it very much and will be waiting patiently for your updates. Having a background in programming i know how frustrating it can be to iron out all the bugs. I wish you all the best.

    And seriously i love this game :D

  12. @Danos

    Classes will be added, yes, and clothes/equipment will come some time in the future. Also, you will have to spend money on it the way I have planned to implement the uni. Not sure if I want a subscription fee that lets you take any classes you want for a month/week, or if I you have to pay for each lesson. Input is appreciated.

    I'm also adding a rather expansive quest that will require you to spend a fair bit of money before you get what you want.


    Glad you like it :). No idea when the next update will be out, but the game will be a fair bit larger when it comes :D. Not to mention better written, I'm learning a lot as I go :)

  13. Hi guys, It's me Olivia again:)

    The one thing that really puts me off with your game is the UI. I'm sorry, but it's just not pleasing to the eye.

    However, I really like you guys and your game, so if you'd like I can make some buttons for you!

    I'm relatively experienced in photoshop and somewhat InDesign. I have done this type of work before. If you're interested contact me at " ".

    If you decide to take me up on my offer I will need dimensions (size of the button, preferably in px), preferred overall style and of course what buttons you need (as in what they should say i.e sleep, game, items etc).

    Unfortunately I can't guarantee that you'll like my work, but I'll do my best:)

  14. @Olivia: I understand completely, the UI is not the best looking of things. I would gladly take any assistance but there is one problem with the buttons (unless you would only want to do some buttons):

    The action buttons / travel buttons rely on changing text so we would need literally hundreds of buttons for each possible action. This obviously is not feasible. Buttons like:

    Travel/sleep, Menu, Go to sleep, Return to main screen, save/load game, attributes, skills and sex skills, status effects, items, equipment, and options could all benefit from such a treatment.

    If you have any overall tips for how I can improve the UI (remember I am fitting the game for 1024x768 so I can appeal to broader audience using older computers in some cases) I'm certainly all ears.

    Some questions I have:

    Is the text box too big? Should I shrink it?
    Should it have a scroll bar?

    Is the picture box too big? I like it that size (600 x 600 pixels...actually more like 600 x 580 now since I resized it slightly). The text box similarly is something like 400x580.

    I am still new to programming (but learn very quickly) so UI design is not exactly my strong suite.

  15. Wow, I had no idea there's so many variables! That does seem like quite a lot of work (a bit too much as you say) yes.

    Regarding the current UI there's some things I'd like to see change, not anything big, just minor issues.

    1 Regarding the picture box:
    The size is fine as is, but when you implement an illustration to the text, make sure that the image fits the frame perfectly. I understand that stretching the image is out of the question because it would look absolutely horrible, but a great alternative is this:

    If your image has a white background simply add white edges where needed.

    How ever most of your images doesn't have this (as far as I've seen anyways) so here's a different solution:

    Open up your preferred image in your favorite image editor (I'm going to use Photoshop for this example), make a new file (600x600) copy/paste your image into the new file.

    Duplicate your image layer. Select layer 1 ( it should be like this: Backround - layer 1 - layer 2). Select Rectangular Marque tool, use it to select half of layer 1, press v and move the selection down so it touches the frame. Do this with the upper part of the image as well.

    Go to filer, blur, gaussian blur. Play with the settings a bit.

    It should go from this:

    To this:

    Concerning the scroll bar. I'm not sure of what you mean. There already is one?

    The text box is fine, actually I would have preferred it wider and on the right side (all tough this might just be because I'm used to Fenoxo's CoC)

    The menu button seems kinda of somehow. I would have tried to put lay horizontally. Maybe under neath the "travel/sleep button"?

    That's pretty much all that I can come up with at the moment. If I was unclear on some subjects please let me know:)

  16. Wow sorry for the typo's at the end:P

    "The menu button seems kinda ofF* somehow. I would have tried to lay horizontally. Maybe under neath the "travel/sleep button"?"*

  17. While I do agree that it looks better when pictures fit the entire text box, I'm not sure I agree with your method of how. Arguably, your example looks better, but it involves work neither I nor Tacoking probably have time nor patience to do.

    Currently Tacoking is busy programming and designing the world whilst I am writing my own events/editing whatever Tacoking writes. I also want to draw paperdolls at some time. This is really time-consuming, and editing pictures is not something I can see myself do anytime in the near future. Heck, I haven't found a single picture for this game, and Tacoking haven't found a whole lot either. It's much thanks to Kessel that this game has any pictures at all :P. We'd in all likelihood need people to help us with pictures if we are to get them well done.

    As for the buttons, why is it a problem if the text changes on the travel buttons? I'm no wizard when it comes to programing, but can't we just use an underlying mesh(?) for the button graphics and place text on top of that? The texture for the button would have to be split in two, sure, but I can't imagine that being too hard to program.

    And yes, the game sorely needs fancier buttons. Like the ones underneath this post (Post Comment)(Preview) or something. Something 3D, not just flat

    Also, this might not be a general opinion so much as it is my own. I feel that the game is a bit "dark" with all the black all over the place. Do you have any tips regarding that? Might it be an idea to use some kind of custom texture like CoC? No idea where we'd get that though.

    The UI's look is a bit bland as it is now.

    As for me, I just found the first cowgirl in my event. Well, soon to be cowgirl ;)

    Gotta go make it fun and sexy... Mmmm

  18. While I love Olivia's idea of trying to create images that fit to it's image box, I'm not a huge fan of Gaussian blur method. It creates an image that in my personal opinion that looks fairly awkward to look at.
    While I prefer the whole crop and image rescaling a bit more, it has its fair share of problems as well.

    Unfortunately, you obviously lose a fair chunk of the picture with that method so it's not exactly the most suitable way to go about it either.

  19. An unmentioned dependency for the game is available here:

    At least for me the game keeps throwing up errors if I don't have it installed.

  20. I don't know anything about programming, but your idea about the buttons sounds possible.

    As for a custom background texture, I can't imagine that would be to hard to make (at least not graphically, not sure about coding tough).

    If it's as easy as implementing an image file as the background I can try to make one if you'd like? Shouldn't be a problem finding free to use images for that.

  21. @Seip and Olivia

    How about we find a better picture? :P

    I'm serious. Pictures for areas should literally be big enough to fill the entire picture box, and then unnecessary parts could be cropped away. Upscaling is not a good option.

    As for people and stuff, if the background is of no significance or in the way, it would be best if it was cleaned away so that a white background could be used. This, however, does require some effort. It's not difficult, but it will eat precious time.

  22. @ Olivia

    I have no idea how hard/easy it is to use a custom background. You'd have to ask Tacoking about that. Personally, I'd love it, especially if it is of the same style as the new buttons, should you end up making them :)

  23. If it's time consuming, then I think that you should forget about it. This early in development I think making the game as bug free as possible and filling it with as much content as possible should be you top priority.

    When the game nears completion and you think the time is right for some visual changes to the UI feel free to contact me, and maybe we can work something out:)

    As for replacing the images, from what I've gathered you guys seem pretty focused on not breaking any copy rights with your game, and personally I think that's great.

    But this leads to some problems as to actually getting nice HQ pictures to use. I suppose a way around this would be to make the image box smaller so that all images that are implemented into the game are always to big and can be shrunken rather then enlarged, thus maintaining the overall picture quality.

    This in turn would most likely come with a whole lot of changes to make everything line up.

    It's not the best solution, but it's an idea.

  24. @Echorid

    Let's hope he reads this:P

  25. Changing the UI's visuals should probably not be time consuming, and I'd very much like your help whenever you can give it. Though you should talk with Taco about that as he's the one that can implement it. Indeed, making the UI good should be and is one of our top priorities, and it should be done asap.

    What is time consuming is fixing the pictures. And that is what I'm more likely to neglect.

    Sorry for confusing you

  26. Reads what? The previous post? :P

    I try my best to read everything, both because I like it and because I think it is important to keep up to date with what people say and think. I might not respond to everything, but trust me when I say that I do read it and consider whatever might have been said :)

  27. Is the image box ratio static that viewing the game in different ratios keeps it the same? I can't help but think looking at my game compared to Olivia's and her image box seems to be a different ratio, either that or my eyes deceive me.

  28. Ah, okay, I understand, no need to apologize:)

    Sure I can help, but it's a bit too late for me now (it's nearly 12 AM where I live) and I've had my first day at work today so I'm awfully tired:(

    I'll check back to the blog tomorrow to see if Tacoking has replied, and weather he says OK or not. I won't be able to start working with design ideas/suggestions for the UI until monday night unfortunately due to my work schedule.

    I also think that we should agree on some sort of overall visual style when (if) it comes to that. It would make my job a whole lot easier:)

    Good night!:)

  29. @Echorid

    Haha, no no, I meant "let's hope Tacoking reads this":P

  30. Haha, I'll make sure he do :).

    And woot! A fellow european within the exact same timesone as me! About damn time I say :P.

    It's a bit annoying that when I go to sleep, people start talking as they get online for the evening :P

  31. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  32. I sound like an old creep disregard that last post.

  33. .....

    Serriøst? Fett:) Jeg og:P

  34. Heh, I managed to read the post the last second apparently :P

    Giving away where I'm from is hardly something I'd call very personal. Don't sweat it :)

  35. Hmm, høres ut som om du befinn dæ på sørlandet ut fra språket :P. Hihi, trur vi irritere driten av alle som ikkje e norsk nu :D

  36. Hah, jupp er plassert i sør ja;) Du er fra oppi nord skjønner jeg:P uff ja, stakkars folk, engelsk er vel kanskje bedre. Utrolig nok skriver jeg engelsk mye bedre en norsk, så du får unnskylde diverse skriveleifer som grantert har dukket opp:P

  37. Fløtta mæ ganske raskt nedover skal æ førtælle dæ, men språket har æ nesten holdt ved like. Og pass dæ nu når du mobbe språket, ellers så kan det fort hende at du dukke opp i spællet. Kan ikkje love førr at konsekvensan e av en behagelig natur :P

    Føle mæ meir komfortable med engelsk sjøl, derav grunnen tell at æ skriv engelsk. Ikkje at æ hadde skreven et kløyva ord førr 2 måna tellbake i tid når æ bynte å hjelpe tell på dettan spællet, menmen :P. Ennu mye å lære om skriving, men det e nu gøyalt :)

    Men ja, har sjøl lyst å ta kvelden og skal ikkje holde dæ oppe. Jævla kult av dæ at du kanskje designe knappa førr oss, det trengs virkelig :).

    Vi får heller ta å snakkes over mail på norsk, så kan vi holde oss tell engelsk på bloggen :). Skal ta å sende dæ en mail så du får min.

  38. Allright, kult:) Hah, mente ikke å mobbe dialekta di, sorry:p Hadde jo nesten vert verdt for å bli med i spillet:P


  39. Right, with that over with, we'll stick to English from now on :).

    Sorry about that blogfolks/Tacoking :P

  40. @Olivia:

    Regarding the images, it's a bit tricky. There is an option to stretch them which looks ok. The problem is aspect ratios and it drives me nuts :p. Since the box is roughly 600 x 600, rarely are images previously at a nice 1:1 ratio so I always end up with something odd like 492x600. I did that with the Liberty basic version of pornarium but it ended up taking a lot of time away from my programming so I stopped converting most of the images. I view them as rough place holders right now, they are something I will continue to refine as time goes on.

    Personally, I like to play with the disable frames option on. I am odd and like the sight of text floating in an abyss of blackness with a picture next to it floating in blackness for some reason.

    I guess it's a vista / windows 7 thing. I play w/o any scrollbar (edit: Oh wait, now one appears when I change the colors??) but I notice on your screenshots you do have one :D. While I don't mind the gausian blur, I cna see how others amy not like it. The problem is already Pornarium has roughly 50 or 60 images (not all of them are used yet) so that would be a lot of image editting.

    I personally like the menu bar, but my taste in UI is bad lol. I'll see if I can move it horizontally.

    @Echorid/Olivia: We could have background for the buttons, but it looks somewhat odd (I already tried making 3D buttons). That doesn't mean I can't do it. If you feel like making a generic button background (or backgrounds) Olivia, the size for the action buttons are 250x29px. Travel buttons use 195x30, the current menu button uses 34x91, and the travel / sleep / item buttons use 195x31 (as do the option buttons). I'm actually all for more options so if you want to random make some button backgrounds (I understand life is busy, so if you have changed your mind or don't think that would be a good idea I understand 100%. That said any help is awesome and I truly appreciate it :) )

    I don't know why, but I loooove flat buttons. I know I can't be alone, but I also know I'm probably a minority. I'll spend some time in the future to make a "lighter" color template but it can be done fairly easily by mixing in some gray / white:

    @Seip: I have it set to smart zoom (I think that's what it's called) so it stretches the picture until one dimension reaches the 600 mark. I could have it stretch so it would appear as your second image. Perhaps I'll add an option for that.

  41. @Mayflower: I made sure I linked the dependancy on the download page. I'm unsure if I will continue to use VB powerpack in the future as currently the only thing it's used for is a 400 pixel wide white line on the sex system screen. I had no idea that one tiny form element would cause people to need a dependancy.

    @Olivia: A custom background = easy as cake. I can even include a listbox in the options menu to select a custom background if they are available. If you'd like to try your hand at finding one I can try to incorporate it.

    @Echorid: While I am not what you would call "good" at image editting, I am "ok" :p. Image editting is time consuming and we should eventually fit images to the box perfectly. It's just a time management thing. I personally feel right now if I have an hour or two extra to program, I'd rather do that then edit images (mostly because I get distracted and then will spend two hours on one image or multiple images). Perhaps slowly we can start doing this to existing images as we go along. Oh, and it's really easy to use a custom background :D. Perhaps the only problem is it will likely stretch if the window is maximized. I play @ 1920 x 1080 so for me that would be giga stretched. Others who play at 1024x768 will probably be very happy. It's just something to keep in mind :)

    @Olivia: That is generally my feelings on images in the game. If I find something that sorta fits somewhat randomly, I stick it in the game. As time goes on, the images can be refined (and new images can replace them). The core of the game is the system & Echorid's wonderfully editted texts, and they should be the focus. In sexual situations, the pictures are more included so that a player can get a visual aid for a male/female/futa (yes, we all know what the genders look like but if there is an orgasm scence, seeing a picture with an orgasming futa for example can help someone visualize an event as they read it). Those are my thoughts. Simple to implement things like button backgrounds or game backgrounds I'm willing to give a try. If the background can be "tiled" to appear seamless, I think we have a winning image to use as a background :)

    I could add a zoom / scrollbar function for an image but I wonder if people would want that? Just something to think about. I'm not saying it's a bad idea just needs further exploration. I appreciate the time you have spent giving me feedback, I like when players want to help me improve the game!

    @Echorid: Making minor tweaks to the UI (background images for example) are very easy. Actually fitting everything (and moving stuff around) is actually very hard. There are so many buttons on the main screen (over 25) but some are invisible so it is a lot more cluttered when editting it. I just need to make sure that I do it carefully as to not break it :p

    @Seip: The image box is set to stretch somewhat. It may look differently on your screen if you have that option unchecked in the options menu.

    @Olivia: I check in frequently, I appreciate your suggestions :). If you want to work on some backgrounds or button backgrounds I would truly apprecaite it.

    @Echorid/Olivia: Lol. I wish I could understand 1/2 of what you said, but I'm sure that means you both are from or were from the same place since you share a common tongue. I used to be able to speak German (but not Norweigen) but alas: Ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen, Ich hat viel Worten vergessen. (not to mention Grammar).

  42. Haha, I think you covered everything Tacoking :P.

    And yeah, we're both from Norway, and no, you didn't miss much in terms of contents, so no worries :).

    I can read german to a certain degree due to their similarities to Norwegian (I can speak german, I have forgotten (something, my guess is words, sentences or simply "much"). I also know hiragana and katakana, but never got so far as to actually learn too many words, and I've studied french, mais, je ne parle pas français.

    I really should pick up japanese and/or french again, but this game and the uni eats away pretty much all my spare time :)

    And you are no doubt in the minority about loving flat buttons Tacoking :P. You've got an odd sense of style :)

  43. @Tacoking
    Pretty sure you can figure out a replacement for it. Not like it's a big thing or anything.

  44. Hi Tacoking!

    I've made a background suggestion and I've emailed it to Echorid so that he can show it to you and you guys can decide weather or not you like it. If you do like it, I can start making some button backgrounds in that same style, if you don't like it/it needs improvement I'll make another one until I get it right.

    Having a "theme" to base the buttons on make's everything easier for me:)

  45. Feel free to send anything to: That's my e-mail for this project :)


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