Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday Update

I think every week I'll try to give a general progress report...maybe on Mondays. I'll most certainly continue posting on a whim, but I want to at least commit to that.

Game Status / Version
   Programming Pornarium is coming along pretty well. Right now the current (development) version is still 0.11a. I am in the process of putting the finishing touches on code that will run the sex system (but not the event system for sex encounters, that's version 0.12a). This code is basically the foundation for the system and includes things like the UI, making sure your partner is loaded correctly, checking for what sexual techniques you can use, etc. Once this has been done, I will begin writing the events for the system. I expect to have the system done minus the events possibly as soon as tomorrow. After the events are done I will begin filling in the events for Pornicle. Once that's done, 0.20a will be ready for private testing.

Here are a couple screenshots of some of the things I'm working on. 
A glance at how the sex system is shaping up. It's not quite yet finished though, as you can tell by things like the annoying black bar :(

Who doesn't like popup menus instead of an irritating second screen?!
    We've decided to add an editor to our team to help with project, who goes by the name Hawtstuff. Hawtstuff has been working with us to help fix up the event text so that Echorid can focus on writing. Hawtstuff has already worked with me quite using the event creator and has been finding new ways to push it to it's limits. The good news is that all the nuts and bolts are holding out and we even found some new debug commands / commands to help make events a bit easier. I'm very happy to be working with Hawtstuff and hope that we can improve the game even further for you all when we release the next public test version down the road :)

The Ancient 
I tend to be easily amused, so I thought I'd pull up a screenshot of the game currently and compare it to the very first release. Just a sign that things will continue to get better with time.

Version 0.11a vs. Version 0.10a


  1. Watch yourself Taco. You try to program too much awesome in at one time and some crazy things are bound to happen.

    I like to leave a lot up to the imagination so feel free to fill in the very large blank I've left with my incredibly vague statement of "crazy things"

  2. I'm thinking meme's. In Pornarium game will program YOU!

    That would be... interesting.

  3. Wow nearly 1200 votes so far. You have a lot of people following your game. Sounds like you are doing some really cool stuff with it.

  4. Echo, considering some of the things you're planning I'm not sure that the game programming me would be an entirely bad thing. Or programming Taco anyway, because he'd be a real cool dude and program in the ability to give the rest of us awesome powers and stuff too. Probably.

  5. Me with the power to rewrite the world would leave a very dysfunctional world indeed :P

    It would be fun and awesome sure, but I doubt anyone would get very much done. Then again, so long as we survived, would it matter?

    Hmm. Ok, I'm ready to receive that superpower now...



    In other news, futa is a blast to write! I do believe she will be a very fun addition to the farm :D

  6. I'm amused by the fact that the Monday update was posted on Tuesday.

  7. I was waiting for someone to say that. I knew it after I posted it but eh, what can you do.

    I started it right before Monday ended but then I got distracted :p

  8. uh oh, I hope That everything will fit on my screen after you release it in the distant future. Even now I'm sometimes missing a bit of the game screen. Specifically from the bottom of it. In the current build, the "lucid dream" and other buttons place on that row are missing just a tiny bit. It is, of course, due to my laptop's screen not being high enough but it still sucks if a part of the text is missing. The situation got a little better with updates as everything seemed to have moved up a little. (fit in a more compact space?)

  9. The game is set to run at a 1024x768 resolution. If you are finding that it doesn't fit, there is a suggestion on the suggestion page that may fix your issue with the screen size.

  10. like this look better than the old one please tell me it is going to be added in

  11. You mean the sex system or the UI? If you mean the UI, go into options and select the purple theme :D

  12. Ohhh... I want v. 0.12a!!! :D *Going To Find some Time machine or something like that xDD*

  13. Even with a time machine I doubt you'll get it since it's an internal test version in the closed development cycle. You'll just have to shoot for v. 0.30.

  14. Those who have helped me out (found bugs, helped with images, etc.) will get a chance to help test the ultra buggy .20a when it's ready ;)

  15. Wow, looking good! Love the pop up menu :)

    Just wondering, but are there going to be any futa x male in the game Echo? :3

  16. While I will not write events specifically tailored at futa x male, I do love asses. And if I write an event where the pc gets the ass stuffed with futa cock, then do not feel safe if you're male :P

    As for you playing as a futa and fucking males, no, I will not write that myself, but others are welcome to.

    As for you playing as a male fucking a futa, yes, same reason as the first really.

  17. Excellent! :D Can't wait for the next release!

  18. I'm not sure how much of a success the sex system will be, but I hope it will be what I am imagining it to be.

    Basically there will be an ever expanding collection of events for each sex action. Specific characters will naturally have the ability to have their own events written for an action but much like Slavemaker fills in "generic" events for situations that were not necessarily planned for a specific npc.

    I feel this concept is a bit difficult to explain but what I basically mean is that let's say you're a futa and you encounter a male NPC in the sex system. The game won't treat you a a futa per say but an entity with whatever parameters the sex system is programmed to recognize. The male NPC will treat your character as having a cock and a pussy (or if you are playing a male character, the futa character will recognize that you have a cock) and use sexual actions based upon what body parts you do have.

    For specific NPCs / situations, there will be special endings as well potentially different events for each sexual situation. Each NPC also has the chance to know special sexual techniques that they can employ.

    I hope my ramblings make sense...and I hope it works out as well as I envision it :)

  19. Stupid lack of an edit button: I also wanted to add that there isn't too much to see in 0.12a anyways :p. It's mostly behind the scenes stuff that runs the sex system.

    Example: You click Fuck and it says something humorous like, "You succeeded at fucking" or "You failed at fucking." followed by a random acceptable action (based on your body parts) from your partner. These are placeholders to ensure the system is working as designed but it doesn't provide any meaningful or fun gameplay...yet :D

  20. "You succeeded/Failed at fucking" ROFL :D :D :D :D XDDDDDDD

  21. ^ Exactly lol, it would not be very meaningful. Phrases like that will be replaced with better terms describing these "successes / failures" in...well some sort of detail instead of just being generalized.

    A failure basically means you failed to give your partner pleasure but you can't really get that from the way it's written now. Again, just placeholders to tell me as I debug how it works :D

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.


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