Thursday, June 16, 2011

Character sheet

So, anyone notice that I've played D&D some time in my life?

I made this from scratch as a mockup of what could be, if VB is able to handle it. I have no idea if that is the case though.

And yes, Fortitude Points. Sleeping to restore your "fatigue" would leave you tired. As you drain stamina, you become fatigued. This is my effort to change fatigue to fortitude, and it will leave the abbreviation FP in place :P (I'm such a sneaky bastard).

I also swapped charisma and appearance. It feels more natural that one of your attributes is how charismatic you are, versus how you look. Looks can be changed much more easily (at least in this world). I'm just toying with it though, and it is by no means set in stone.

I'll fill it in with a bit of stats in a moment or so.

All in all, I do believe it is a step in the right direction.

Edit: And there we go. An idea for how it could look when stats are filled in. And yes, I know my drawing sucks, so shut it :P. It's actually Meryl, and so I might as well use her for the paperdoll screen, even though I had to crop it.

I will hopefully have improved a lot by the time, if ever, I try my hand at drawing paper dolls for the game. Mainly I shall focus on writing. And with that, I've got a bar to create.

(Warning, contains badly drawn futanari. Not sure if it's the quality or futanari I'm warning you about though :P)


  1. I like it, though I do disagree about charisma / appearance. I think appearance should be an attribute and charisma should be a skill, albeit a renamed one (perhaps conversation). This actually wouldn't be too difficult to implement, it just needs to fit 1024 x 768.

  2. Conversation/appearance swap it is then :)

    Also, this is in no means a way to remove the actual description of the player character. That one would still be present as it can describe the player in a much sexier way. This is just a supplement and an easy reference. I also am a stat whore :P


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