Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Plan for Pornarium

(warning, long post!)   

   I figured I would make a post since 0.10.12a was release a few days to give everyone an idea on what's going on with Pornarium now that the last round of bug fix updates have gone in for 0.10a (well, with one exception, see below) I am going to concentrate on making new content starting primarily with the sex system. Before I ramble about the sex system let me mention the upcoming hotfix 2.

Hotfix #2
   While working on the sex system, I will check back for bugs periodically and try to fix then. Eventually, I will release a second hotfix (though I guess it's technically more of an update then a hotfix at that point) that will fix some of the bugs that still exist. I know the game itself still has it's fair amount of bugs, but for the most part I feel somewhat comfortable with it's stability. Many of the existing bugs are typo related bugs (such as code spilling into certain dialogues) with a few exceptions so I have decided to focus onto the next phase. I figure that everyone has to be getting tired of the same stuff to do over and over so I wanted to get some new stuff made.

The Sex System
   While this idea probably isn't very original, I think it will fit into Pornarium very well. During random encounters and/or romantic encounters with certain NPCs, the sex system will appear in place of the main window. Until a sex system event is resolved, normal gameplay will not resume. The way a sex system is handled can have an impact on the player's skills, attributes, and/or character outside of the sex system event (such as causing a character to fall in love with the player, causing them to hate the player, perhaps altering the player in some way, etc.). This system will constantly be built upon so it will become fairly robust as time passes. 
    The sex system displays two player resources: Player Fatigue/Energy & Player Arousal. Your partner's arousal will also be displayed. The goal ultimately is to get your partner's arousal to 100% and make them orgasm before your arousal level reaches 100% OR before your fatigue points reach zero. The player will have a list of actions depending on their body which consist of the standard array of sexual actions (fucking, using sex toys, etc.). Certain sexual techniques work better on certain partners as does having a higher skill with each action. Every time an action is performed, the player is essentially making a skill check to see how they performed. If they succeed, their partner's arousal increases by a greater amount than the player. The opposite happens if the player fails. After a player act, the player's partner gets a chance to act as well with the same type of results a player may have.
    Since this is a simulation game / RPG, it would be more fun if the player had more options.This is why the player will have access to a wide variety of special sexual techniques, many of them based upon what type of transformations the player has. For example, a well endowed player would get the double penetration special if they posses two cocks (and similarly the player' partner has a pussy and an ass). These sexual techniques will be varied and have several effects including things like possibly restoring FP mid sex scene, lowering the player's arousal, and other effects. The player also can cum multiple times (using the cum button) to reduce their arousal, this takes a large amount of FP so it must be used sparingly. There will also be various sexual positions with the Kama Sutra command to alter how much certain sexual actions affect the player's partner and vice versa.
   Ultimately, I hope the system will liven up the game by throwing in an additional "combat" system that isn't based on beating the snot out of an opponent. After the sex system, I will start working on content to bring the game to 0.20a

   0.20a will be the next big version of Pornarium. This version will not be a public version. I know this may sound a bit disappointing but it's not something I'm likely to budge on. Part of the reason I'm developing the game is so I can make each public release a rather large improvement over the last one, whether it would be merely content or the addition of new game systems or elements.I am placing such a gap between public versions to maintain a development cycle that will work for me as I program. I want to focus almost exclusively on content building for awhile (think a month or two) and then focus on bug fixing. During this time I will naturally be making posts about the game, posting screenshots, etc. 
   I will also be holding a brief testing period from a select group of posters from here and the Futanari Palace boards to iron out a few of the major bugs in 0.20a. After that brief private test period, I will begin working on the combat system...

The Combat System 
   Pornarium will also feature a combat system. The very basic elements of this combat system will be implemented in 0.21a and likely will continue to be developed for a few more versions until a basic combat system is implemented. The details I have on this system are rather sparse because I haven't put a great deal of effort into making it yet. What I can say is that it will have turn based combat.

    This version will be the next public version! It will have been awhile between this version and 0.10.12a but I think the wait will be well worth it. When the majority of you all return to Pornicle it will be a complete city. Each zone in the city will have been implemented and have a full array of things to do. You will be able to enter the university and attend classes (and maybe even befriend a certain stereotypically shy student :D) or head to the bar to unwind and perhaps meet a "friend" or two. Ever wondered who that busty woman was who bumps into you in 0.10a? You'll meet her in again though how exactly is secret for now. The sex system and combat system (in limited form possibly) will both be in game. There really isn't a lot to fight in Pornicle though....
   That's why it's good you'll also have the area outside of Pornicle to explore as well. Only about 1/2 of the area outside of Pornicle will be completed, but it will have a ton of stuff to do including Echorid's new "cowgirl" event. There will be things to fight and new areas to explore including a small town (about 3 - 4 zones compared to Pornicles 22 or so) and an inn to the north on the road to the game's second city...though I won't really discuss that until much much later :p

Future Timeline 
   I'm going to list the future timeline for the game so you guys can see what I have planned for the longterm (and I guess short term)

0.10.12a > Hotfix 2
0.20a  > Sex system implemented, Pornicle finished. (private alpha test only)
0.30a > Combat system implemented, 1/2 of area outside of Pornicle finished (public alpha test)
0.40a > Area outside of Pornicle finished, Equipment implemented. Combat finished. (private alpha test)
0.50a > Magic system implemented, Second city 1/2 finished (public alpha test)
0.60a > Area to south of Pornicle fleshed out further. (private alpha test)
0.70a > Second city finished (public alpha test)

That's about as far as I can predict in the future for now. You'll notice after 0.50a no new features are listed. I'm sure there will be more things added feature wise, but it's a bit unwise to speculate what I'll want to do with the game features that far down the road. I may decide to implement weather / seasons OR a system to marry a partner, etc.

Can I help?
  The past few days in particular I have been getting a plethora of requests asking me to help in all sorts of ways ranging from editing, to programming, writing, image hunting, etc. I wanted to first say thank you for your interest in the game. It's really cool to have a community of people out there who are willing to lend a hand and help out!
   That said, the amount of help needed is actually not that massive. An additional editor would be quite helpful and I am in the process of talking to one now. He will likely become another editor after I work with this person for a few weeks, I look forward to doing so! Echorid and myself are taking care of the game's main writing so we do not require the assistance of another writer in that capacity (but hold on and keep reading if you do want to write something for the game). I have a main idea (not a plot though, Pornarium is storyless bar subquests :D) for the entire game, and will be implementing that content along the way. Echorid will be working with me to do so as well and has many awesome ideas of his own he is writing.
   Despite having the  game's main writing all taken care of, I could always use help if anyone wants to write a "fan event". If you have an idea of an event you want to write OR want to know what spots I could use to fill in with an event (for example: Residential Streets) send me an e-mail so we can talk about what sort of parameters the event can have. I have planned attribute / skill / transformation caps depending on which area the player if you idea cannot be used yet, I will respond and let you know around what game version such an idea would be implementable. I may also reject some ideas for incorporating into the main game but don't worry, there's some good news even if I decide to do that.
   While at this time it isn't possible to use the event creator to actually play created events in game (it can only make them) it will eventually be possible for players to make their own custom events. I can't predict which version this will begin to happen but it will eventually begin on a small scale. There will at first be special zones that will only appear if filled in by a player made event. I know that initial solution sucks, but it will be a start. As I learn how to incorporate these events in the game the capability to include events in the game will only increase more and more until eventually perhaps the entire game will be moddable (no promises yet as that's really ambitious of me, but if I can I will do that!).
   As far as programming help (many have offered to code various things for me which I find surprising but generous, thank you for the offer!) I must respectfully decline. Part of the reason I am writing Pornicle is not only to make a really cool sex sim / rpg, but to also learn how to program. Call it stubbornness if you will (perhaps an inflated ego as well) but I wish to learn how to do all of this myself and be able to say, "I programmed this!". That said, if you have knowledge about programming and decide to answer a question I have, I will be forever grateful. I do want to learn, but I want to do this myself (the programming part).
   I also feel that this project should be limited to a small group of people, about 3 or 4 seems about right. A programmer, writer, editor, and an image hunter can make a good team for a project such as this :D
   If you do have suggestions for the game, I am always open to hearing them. As much as I may be stubborn about the programming aspect I feel I am very open to your suggestions and ideas and am also very thankful for all the help that you provide. Those  that take the time to find bugs and let me know about them have my deepest respect and thanks, I appreciate you telling me where I messed up so I can improve and learn! I've also recieved some great things such as a new icon and an example UI layout. Things like that are very helpful to me and I look forward to learning how to implement some things I saw in that UI layout (they looked very fun and doable!).

Sorry for rambling for so long. Just wanted to give everyone an idea at where the game is at and what's in store. Hope to continue talking with you all while we all work on the game :)


  1. The calm before the storm, as it were.

    A storm of cocks and boobs.

    That's a storm I think we can all agree we want to be caught in without an umbrella. Or a raincoat. Or pants.

  2. Lol, that's the least I hope it is. I think as long as Echorid and myself keep on doing what we are doing it will be great!

  3. That was a good read, helps to rise the hype and know whats the plan of action for it all. Hype rising, erection rising.

  4. Hey Tacoking, First I wanna say I love your game! But I keep getting an exception with the new version, what would be the best way to contact you about this? I cant find an email addy or anything :/

  5. It's probably because you don't have the powerpack installed. If you do not, check the download page for the link. If you do, please e-mail me a copy of the error report.

  6. that was very informative but such a long wait :(( ,hope it will be worth it

  7. Nvm, posted it in the suggestions section.

  8. lol you must of read my mind i was just thinking last night that i was tired of dling every lil patch and was going to wait for a while when more stuff came out

    any ways i look forward to .30A

  9. Yeah, I know it is probably going to take a month or two but I really think it will be worth it.

    Essentially the feeling you described is what I hope to alleviate. A game like this can be fun but you won't want to come back to it if one new zone is added every once and awhile.

    Now if about 30 new zones are added...that's a different story :D


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