Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Version 0.10.6a

Before you download the game please read this:

(1) This version is buggy as hell. DO NOT play it if you dislike bugs.
(2) Let me know if the game is asking for an xml file. I excluded it in this  version but it may require one.
(3) Pressing Control+B will open the bug report dialogue, and allow you escape some situations if you are stuck.
(4) You will need the .NET 4 Framework installed
(5) Click on Pornarium.exe (the approximately 50MB sized one) NOT the clickonceapplication. If you click on the clickonceapplication file it will ask you to install it. If you do install it, then annoyingly you won't be able to play until you uninstall / reinstall. I'll omit this file in the next version. I included it accidentally.

That's all for now. I plan to release 0.10.7a in the next day or so to address issues in this version...which there are probably going to be a ton of o.O


(Code is Copyright 2011 by Tacoking)


  1. nice! ^^

    (Emm... Sorry about posting it here but i didnt noticed your E-mail)Some bugs i Found ^^ http://www.mediafire.com/?mabtuxsz7kqcu7w

  2. 'Ey!

    I fuckin' loooove this game. So as thanks I'll give you my two cents ta spend as you will.

    - Things that are Bugged - (Playing as v.tall skinny fem with short straight brown hair who's not having any whiney family angst bullshit on Win 7 64bit PC)
    * Trying to sleep at home with roughly 90% or higher lusts results in the continue button not working.
    * Once when working in the restaurant I saw the futi making some sauce and then it started talking about my cock. Which was mental as I didn't have one or wanted one.
    * Also yacked about my cock when lovin' the elf chica in night park pool.
    * Got etext$=etext=+newline+" "+" at the start of each paragraph when accepting that pushy jerk in the pool.
    * There's a piccy missing occasionally when playing sport.
    * When you fuck up masturbating an error pops up spouting ta tell Tacoking the following "Error #5 was generated by Microsoft.VisualBasic Argument 'Length' must be greater or equal ta zero" and in the text box there's a bit that goes [arousal: a=10, m$=
    * That side street that you can find behind the 30 foot shrubs 's not working properly.
    * You're not told that you've got a tan.
    * If you go ta Pronman's Pub or Pornicle University you get +30 str and a truckload of loot, which's horribly damaging ta immersion. I mean if peeps wanna cheat and short cut and all that's fine, include a cheat or code or button combo for them, but ta shove this on a chica who's just exploring around? No thanks.
    * Drinking from that Dryad chica does nothing.
    * Can't travel from the restaurant.
    * In the "Solutions Ward" the location text box has the text from the item shop.
    * Directly after clicking the sleep button I get five hp more than my max until I click the continue button.

    - Things that Bug -
    * I love the customisability with my chica but it's hard ta play as myself when it gives me freaking D-cups. Biiig disconnect for me there. Options ta choose starting cup size would be awesome. Plus it'd make those pink drinks more necessary/useful if you want growth. Could even make it so if you pick heavy weight you can't get tiny tits, and if you pick skinny weight you can't get big tits (and C-cups are plenty big enough. D's are ginormous. Very roughly between eight ta ten inches forwards from the chest. Massive.)
    * Reeeally don't like seeing a pic of a futi when it's fem me that's meant ta be getting horny.
    * Would be nice ta occasionally have mention of my pussy tail, ears and eyes that I go get first thing every time. Purring would be cool too.

    - Things that rock -
    * All the options for customising my chica and the family relation part. Adding a little more flavour options ta how you grew up would be wonderful.
    * Love being able ta grab pussy parts for my chica.
    * The whole tone of the text. 'S more conversational, slice of life stuff that I love. Helps me feel connected to my chica unlike some horrible 100%-sex focused writing.
    * I enjoy all the everyday stuff I can do, helps no end with the immersion.
    * The layout or colour scheme oddly. I dunno. Some games I play give me a mild headache and/or mild eye strain, yours is oddly soothing.

    Thank you for your hard work, I'm enjoying it plenty!
    Look forward to your next release!

  3. @ Me, myself, and My-Nextself (love then name btw lol) I'm going to check that out after I post this message, thank you :)

    @Reme, Thank you for taking the time to post that. It's very helpful to me. I will add a "cup-size" option for the next release. It shouldn't be hard to do and I can get it done fairly quickly. The opening pic was a random pic I found, I'll put a more neutral picture on the game's opening screen on the next release. Also, thank you for the kind words :)

    @All who downloaded this version: Thanks for taking a chance and downloading this buggier then usual version. I'm going to have a new version up soon that should fix most of these bugs. I really was pushing hard to get this version out because it was the first version in the "new" language I have used for the game. Previously the game was in Liberty Basic.

  4. Found a bug in the research ward. When you choose to take the spooge injection you get a error and nothing happens. When playing as a very short chubby futa my character's height and weight are 0.

  5. Nother bug, when my character milks herself the amount is always 0 ml, on the same topic if her milk production increases it also says 0.

  6. Thanks Montel. I figured out what happened in the research ward and it will be fixed next release. The events are there, I apparently never linked them to the buttons though (which is embarrassing). Thank you again you brave souls who ventured into this bug ridden abyss :D

  7. Yay I can be useful. First I want to say I love that splash pic for the main menu at start up though I also agre that the pic for arousal should follow your gender. male for mail, female for female and futa for everything in between. Now on to the bugs.

    I ran into pretty much all the bugs Reme did plus a couple more.

    If you click on the check up button you get a save error report box without anything else coming up.

    The cock growing mushrooms only seem to last one turn. I eat one then do something and the "you are no longer well fed" box followed by the cock shriveling box both vanish.

    I played female (for now) and ate one mushroom and one puss fruit then did the self suck action in the park. The dialog talked about my having two cocks instead of one. Don't know if a grew an extra one when a became a cat futa temporarily. When i check my appearance after the self suck (and the cock shriveling message i always seem to get after one action from eating the shroom) I had no cocks at all.

    a suggestion maybe?

    I would love to be able to take my completely normal girl and turn her into a huge breasted permanently multi cocked futa. maybe you could give the mushrooms a small (1%?) chance of being permanent?)

    I would love to see more transformations maybe allow your character to become a cow girl or something. Perhaps once thigns move past th city like you have mentioned before.

    Anyway great game look forward to further updates and installments!

  8. Thank you 6e8af04a-9126-11e0-a44a-000bcdcb8a73 for the kind words.

    Yikes, sounds like the priapis shrooms are really borked! When I migrated the code over from Liberty Basic to Visual basic I was able to actually copy some code directly with only some modifications. Since I also rebuilt the game engine (if you can call it that) from the ground up I had to cement the old variables in their former positions and work around them. I think I accidentally assigned a new variable to have the same value as the priapis shroom timer and that is why you are seeing that happen. I'm going to check it out and hopefully get it fixed soon.

    The cock growing mushrooms are supposed to be temporary but fear not, there are (and will be) future ways to gain multiple cocks. The first method to gain a bonus member is actually already in the game but you can either check my thread on the Futanaripalace boards or discover it yourself ;)

    Cow girl transformations are another good idea, I will definitely add them in at some point in the near future.

    The city itself is only one small part of the actual game and it's only half-complete.

  9. Oh I am aware of the Spirit of perversion and what she can do. That brings me to another bug though. The ghost seems to be "pre solved" Whenever I encounter her in the forest She always gives me the "Surprised to see me?" dialog. It doesn't matter if I have the trinket or not.

  10. @David: Doh lol. Does she still offer the trinket options when you do have the trinket at least? If so, this will be an easy fix. She seemed to work as planned when I tested it but because the decline / flee options are somewhat similar I may have glanced over this.

  11. Oh no. She doesn't give me those options at all. All i get is the decline and flee options with no variation between female or futa.

  12. @David: It may actually be working correctly then. Echorid made it so that after you give the trinket you can meet the ghost again. It's possible I may have slightly mixed up the text though.

    Also, the game does not really view your gender for mechanics purposes, it only views your body parts. For example, if you are a futa for the ghost event the ghost will interact with your ass, pussy, and cock. If you are female then your ass and pussy. If a male, then your ass and cock.

    This is done so as a personal design decision as I am trying to make the game as appealing to as many genders and sexual orientations as possible. It also will automatically allow for things like male on futa for those that like the fetish and vice versa.

    Though if you are female and the ghost is interacting with body parts you DON'T have, then that definitely needs to be fixed :D

  13. Tacoking: ( lol xD thx ^^) No problem ^^ Glad to help/send 2 bugs for future upgrade of this game ^_^ :3

  14. The problem is that I don't get any option to give her the trinket. Or any clue that she wants the trinket. All I EVER get is "I found the afterlife was more boring then fucking anyone. Want a go?" Accept/decline? I figure the game is somehow auto completing the quest or something.

  15. When you get the trinket, the ghost essentially is supposed to sense you have it. I suppsoe I could add an option to "flee" instead of taking her up on her offer though.

    It does sound like the event is bugged since you are only asked to accept / decline rather then flee or submit.


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