Thursday, June 9, 2011

0.10.8a Tomorrow

I have a rather busy weekend coming up, but before my weekend plans kick off I'd like to get a quick update to version 0.10.8a out tomorrow. I can't say exactly when tomorrow it will be uploaded, it could be early or it could be later...whenever I get a spare moment (GMT-5).

0.10.8a will not be totally bug free. I still seem to have a long way to go but I feel that I'm at least making good progress. I really feel that conceptually this game is really good, it just needs a lot of work and I thank all of you that are patient and are taking the time to let me know where I screwed up. I am obviously not the most skilled programmer but like anything with practice I am getting better every time I program.

If you dislike buggy software, you may wish to stay away from Pornarium for a few versions but I do hope that you all will continue to check this game out. I feel it's only getting better. The initial releases are always going to be buggy as hell but once they are working I feel that a great game will be presented to all of you.

What will be in 0.10.8a?
   The next update will be brief as was 0.10.8a. I aim to quash some more "conversion errors". Most of these errors stem from my event parser code. Those 1,450 or so lines of code interpret events and translate them into code that VB then sends to the various subs I have that govern what the game does. A lot of problems arise when I forget stupid simple things like an ending bracket (forgetting " ] " for example was responsible for virtually every conversion error you all reported). While my event creator is cool and allows to test for events (and even errors) it almost works too well. It will treat an event like a character going through the event so if the test I am running has a cum production of 140mL and and event calls for a range between 150 - 300mL and I accidentally skip that range, I can totally miss a bug in my event text. That was sloppy of me but I was a bit too over zealous getting 0.10.6a released and as a result I missed a bunch of these errors.

To improve this, I am updating my event editor with a function that will check the event text and double check all brackets. If a bracket is missing (which would create an error) it will inform me now. While I don't think this will fix all errors, it will certainly help reduce a good chunk of them.

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