Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pornarium Version 0.10.9a later today

I will be releasing yet another series of bug fixes for Pornarium later today. I hope to address the dreaded "milk volume" issue. This was due to regional conflicts based on how a comma and decimal point were handled. My event text had "...i=.100]" which was read by US or UK computers correctly by the program and was changed directly to a decimal (which is why I never received an error at first myself). After changing my region settings to German, "...i=.100]" would not be interpreted properly (as I believe it would have to be written as i=,100]". I'm always learning new things being new to Visual Basic so Leeter on  the FP boards taught me a bit about how to utilize different culture settings. In the next version, the example I've used above will be handled by the game correctly now though it will still display the text as ".100" in the window.

I hope that this version will more stable and less buggy. If so, I'll put one more version out (0.10.10a) and then get back to a more closed development as I work to implement the sex system. Those of you who have been kind enough to take time out of your day to send me bug reports will have a very good chance of testing 0.20a when it comes out further down the road.

(Random Tidbit: Roughly 10% of all people who visit / presumably play are from Germany. That's pretty cool! )


  1. Niiiiiice,cant wait for these next versions! xD ^^

    ( 10% from germany? o.o Jesus , they're everywhere! xD)

  2. I'm excited for the future versions as well. I know people may be getting bored since there hasn't really been anything new but I think it's important for me to fix all these bugs first before making new stuff that will be buggy :D

  3. It is! xD
    It would be bad when the game with version 1.0 crashed for no reason thanx to the bug! xD

  4. Even if there was not anything new, the revised events were pretty cool.
    and i will be happy to finally see the injured elf event when the decimal point dilemma is fixed.

  5. Glad you liked them Grimnebulin. They will have to be a bit further revised still, but it's getting there :)


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