Friday, June 24, 2011

0.10.13a Released??

Wait? I thought you said 0.10.13a was the last one for awhile?
 While it is true I said this I did say I'd release a new hotfix. The new hotfix became more of a bug fix update then a small hotfix so I decided to release 0.10.13a instead of calling it hotfix 2. I've made some progress on the next version (still working on the sex system) and you may see some locations I forgot to completely remove in this version (oh well). You can't actually do anything in these new locations should you find them (not even a description exists for most of them) but perhaps it will give you an idea of what those areas will contain.

General Update Information:
  • Please: Download the powerpack on the download page if your game crashes. This will fix virtually every crash issue (I think it's actually the only crash issue). The only reason the game will crash (though there may be spots you get stuck, if you find one let me know!) is because you lack this dependency. 
  • Want to improve Pornarium? The best place to give me suggestions is on this page!
  • Want to read the update notes? Click on this link to view the update notes!
  • Want to report bugs and see what bugs have already been reported? Check out the bug reports page.
  • Want to download the latest release? It's available as always on the downloads page.
  • If you have a bug that you want to report OR you get stuck, click on the event text box and press control+b. It should get you out of a jam and give you the option to send me a bug report.


  1. Yo guys, Firstly I wana say I love the game so far and can't wait to see where it goes in the future.

    That said (and kissing up done ;-]) I would like to report a problem. I can't run the new version and neither does the patch file run. I just get a message that says "Pornarium Game Update Utility has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

    I've never had this problem with previous versions or hotfixes and I downloaded (and redownloaded) all the necessary programs.
    I'm running on windows XP if that helps any.

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  3. So i tried to use the updater.exe with the 10.12a-10.13a small download... it ate my .exe and didn't make a new one o.O

  4. Bummer, I was hoping the patcher would be nicer but I guess it doesn't want to cooperate. I guess stick to the normal version now. If you use the wrong patcher version (or if the patcher feels evil, who knows) it will probably eat the file :(

  5. downloading the full version and putting it in my folder worked just fine though.

    Neat idea though, I hope you can get it to work. I'm going to make a new folder for 10.12a and try it again; maybe I just failed at following directions.

  6. Okay, so I failed at instructions. I'm not exactly sure what I did wrong the first time (I think I might have run the xdelta 32 on accident), but when I did it the second it worked just fine.

    Yay for TK!

  7. There is a good chance you were trying to patch the hotfix version with the 0.10.12a patch. Sadly I did not include an easy to find version tag with the game (i.e. in a small data file) so the patcher couldn't compare the two versions.

    Starting with future releases I'll begin doing that to avoid confusion. The good thing is I'm dedicated to this project, the bad thing is because it's done in my spare time I can't dedicate as much time to in house bug fixing as I'd like. This is most certainly a learning experience for me and I'm really enjoying the process...the only time I do feel bad is when I make really bad bugs like the patcher deleting your game file (I got over it though :p)

  8. alright, im new here and from what i have read, this game sounds great, so of course i downloaded 0.10.13a from your downloads page and i unziped the two files inside with winrar, named "pornarium.exe" and "pornarium.exe.config".

    so i double click pornarium, i get a windows error message. "pornarium.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close"

    i downloaded both the VB power pack and NET 4.0, the problem remains.

    to make a long story short, idk what im doing wrong. can i get some help?

  9. I'm getting the same thing, but the older version still works for me.

    I think something in the new version isn't compatible with my computer, I'm just not sure what.

  10. Similar problem to others. From a fresh install with nothing in it except the .exe and the .config, I can't run. And when I tried to go back to an old install I couldn't run. Runnin' the Power Pack and .NET 4.0.

    Error message as follows:

    EventType : clr20r3 P1 : pornarium.exe P2 : P3 : 4e040833
    P4 : system.drawing P5 : P6 : 4ba1e086 P7 : 356 P8 : 42d
    P9 : system.invalidoperationexception

  11. As an edit(since Blogspot doesn't allow for editing comments), the only recent change I can think of is that I recently updated to the latest Java version.

  12. Final edit: It's possible I accidentally popped a delete of the new .EXE in when I went back to the old install. That'd be a pretty likely explanation for the old install not working properly, actually.

  13. I seem to be having a problem when creating a new character. It says "unhandled exception has occurred in your application..." when I click begin game. If anyone has a solution I would really appreciate some help. I really want to try this game :)

  14. @Top1terra1girl: It sounds like you need the VB powerpack.

    @Everyone else: I'll look into it to see if I somehow triggered an additional dependency I'm not aware of. I was able to use it on my windows 7 laptop after installing the powerpack just fine though so it must be some sort of dependency issue I missed.

    Also, do make sure to use the full download file (I would delete everything in the directory except save files) and simply simply overwrite everything else to see if it works that way.

    If you use the patcher it sadly is not working well for most people so I'd avoid it's use now.

  15. EDIT: Believe it or not, it may be related to the new icon o.O. I'll make a hotfix that removes it to test this out at some point. You guys will have to let me know if that fixes it or not.

    I noticed when I reformatted the icon to an ico file, windows didn't like it but it seemed to work otherwise. It's entirely possible that windows REALLY doesn't like it on some systems.

  16. Quite possible : having the problem, I don't even see the new icon. Just the default "executable" one.
    Didn't expect it to have that big of an impact, though ^^

  17. Believe it or not, small things can mess up a program for some users including an icon :p

  18. i have the same thing as Khef, the .exe is just the standard image, no special icon shows up.

  19. @Cpt_Obvious: I released a hotfix to fix that issue. It was icon related.

  20. @Tacoking: i applied it and it now seems to be working perfectly. thank you so much for the patch. the suspense has been nagging at me for the last few days and im psyched to play it now!!!

  21. Glad to have fixed it for you. Sorry about the error. It was my mistake on the icon ><


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