Sunday, June 19, 2011

Moo? Moomoomooo. MomoMooooo!

Right, I know I said this event would become large, and probably three times the size it was when I wrote my last blog-post, which would leave the finished product at 1/2 – 3/5 of the current game’s size.

I take that back. Right now I tried to write the “expansion” event for the first cowgirl you get. I meant for it to be short and quick with a sexual tone hanging over it…

I utterly failed! ... Well, sorta. I dare say I nailed that sexual tone.

Four pages in I realized I’d written only half the expansion event. And I’ve still not done the long parts, which will involve the “real” sex-scene.

I’m 9000 words in… It’s a freaking third of the entire game already. And I’m still not done with the first of five girls! (six if you count the twins as two!)

Holy freaking crap I hope you folks will like this event, or this will be a huge waste of space :P

I would love to continue writing, but I probably should go to bed. It happens to be 3:15 am here. So, with that: Good night :)


  1. One thing is certain, if the events get too big to fit in game, you can always start a blog section for your stories. I've a good feeling that Pornarium's userbase would be on that like white on rice, to use a time-tested cliché.

    Huge yes, waste of space? Perish the thought.

    It's a bit like breasts, really. Huge? Yes! Waste of space? Never.

  2. If this event results in some permanent transformation I'm all for it. So far all I've managed to find in a permanent sense are the pink vials and the penis growth from working in the cumin restaurant kitchen. MOAR Transformation!

  3. Love lactation. One of my top 5 fetishes easily. Can't wait to see what you have cooking up. Between you and Xadera I've been in lactating futa heaven.

  4. Nice Harvest Moon reference.

  5. @Nazca: I might just do that. I've taken breaks from the game before and written my own stories, and when I do so again, I'll make a blog at the same time and toss everything up there.

    I'm glad we share the same opinion on breast sizes. I think you'll like this story :P

    @kingkobold: Yes, this event will result in you getting access to several things that result in permanent expansion. Both to you and the npcs in your employ :)

    @nenten: Xadera's game has been an inspiration to me :). I love it, and some of the weirder fetishes in there just might make it here :P

    @Bob: Haha, thank you :)

  6. Edit of my last post. It will result in permanent transformation, including expansion. Damn this lack of "edit post" button.

  7. Echo you had me from the moment you said "farm" because I knew what that had to mean in the context of this game.

    Everything else is just gravy.

    Thick, sensual gravy.

  8. Mmm, gravy.

    *Stomach growls*

    Huh? oh... Oh shit. I forgot to eat today.

    How is that even possible?

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