Friday, June 24, 2011

Death to Swimming!

The poll is closed, swimming loses by a large margin.

Ok, so what skill should I replace swimming with?

I'm looking for ideas here! I have already received some good ideas (like Gambling). I'll put up a new poll for the next skill in a day or two :)


  1. why exactly does it have to be replaced with 1 other skill ? i mean you could add 103 if it makes sence/improves the game/etc or you could just delete swiming

  2. For a few random ideas...Accounting? Sleight of hand? Arts and crafts? Gardening? Farming? Business management/administration? Writing? Singing? Massage therapy? Disguise? Forgery? Burglary?

  3. How about bartering? Each level increases a multiplier and then that multiplier effects how much money you gain from jobs?

  4. Well, have you tried looking at D&D for inspiration? It has many different skills and ways to use them listed, you can peruse the 3.5 ones at the

    For skills, maybe once you leave the city, there could be a survival skill that lets you find/hunt water/game for sustenance ect, or Handle Animal to tame your own pet or pacify(in any dirty way you can imagine) a wild(or urban stray) animal.

    There's always lockpicking/disable device for locked/trapped items(or roll them both into stealth.

  5. I voted to remove Swimming. Its not that I disliked the idea of a swimming skill, but with the hit or miss nature of athleticism in the game it seemed that splitting it into different skills just made it hard to raise everything.

    In a Pen and Paper game like Dungeons and Dragons it makes sense to split the skills up (Swimming, Climbing, Jumping, etc.) but the focus of your game is different. So I think Broad Categories work far better.

    So with that in mind, while I like the "Gambling" skill idea, perhaps "Gaming" would be better and it would encompass any sort of game that involves gambling or skill or luck where Athletics covers the range of physical activities.

  6. Survival isn't such a bad idea actually, and I could definitely find it's use in an event I now have planned. Hmhmhm, that one will be for the particularily interested.

    Stealth will in all likelihood be replaced by subterfuge, which could envelop both stealth, lockpicking, disarming traps and stuff like that.

    Not sure about skills such as bartering. Right now money is a relatively unbalanced thing. The farm event will contain a few money-sinks, but will in turn give a constant trickle of money over time.

    Instead of gambling it would be an idea to simply add mini-games into the game for those that are inclined to play such things.

    I can't think of anything of my own... Seduction?
    That would fit rather well into this game if nothing else.

  7. Another event Echo?

    Do you ever stop?

    (Don't stop ever)

  8. I severly doubt it. I've tried a myriad of things, all of them ending up in a puff of smoke after a few days.

    The fact that I'm still writing with as much passion now as I did over 2 months ago, and the fact that I prefer writing to gaming(!) speaks volumes. I think I've found my life's call :P

  9. The farm event will take some more time though. 15k words, and I'm still on the second of five girls :P

  10. Well with a few events outside the city that cause possibly less than desired changes/transformations the "solutions" ward would probably turn into a good money sink for balance once the game gets that far. Also maybe the gathering skill could be folded into a larger survival skill. Oh and Luthorne, that gives an idea, a "massage" skill or something along those lines might make a good sex skill for those use of hands. But maybe this should all go in the suggestions section?

  11. There's not much point in choosing skills without any idea what it'll apply to, and how.
    If you don't know right now, just wait 'till you have an event or anything that would work better with a skill, yet isn't appropriately covered by anything already in the game.
    No hurry, whatever skill you end up choosing will be useless until then anyway. Better to add something that will have an actual use later on than putting things in RIGHT NOW just for the sake it.

    If we're looking at the usual suspects and what's already in there :
    I doubt vehicle skills are gonna be all that relevant, but who knows.
    Admnistrative/pure knowledge/carreer oriented ones are probably not that interesting here either. Then again, anything's possible.
    The "wilderness" skills (survival/tracking/hunting/animal handling/hiking/camping/...) are a staple in many games, but would it serve a purpose here ?
    Same goes for artistics. Potentially interesting, but very topical. Worth it ?
    If you plan on allowing it, science and/or crafting related skills are always popular. Handling body-mods/items acquistion without shops, making some specific to those, etc. Hardly necessary, though.
    You already have a couple social skills, is there a point in adding more ? Something less sophisticated/honest/gentle than etiquette, maybe ? (conversation, bluff, seduction, leadership, intimidation, fashion awareness or whatever)

    I actually can't run the game since the 0.10.13 for some reason (will look into that when it's not 3am), so I can't refresh my memory and may be rambling/spouting BS. Belated fair warning :p

    Bottom line : the basics seem to be covered, we still don't know all that much of the world and there really is no hurry in adding skills that may not see any use before quite some time.
    I'd rather have a writer come up with a "HEY, his awesmazing thing I'm working on would work SO much better with a [@*#] skill" illumination six months from now than have him reluctantly work [generic skill n°37] into some loosely related event because, you know, the skill's sitting there wasting space, pff, meh, might as well use it at some point.

  12. @Khef

    But a skill can also spark the idea for an awesome event in the first place ;)

    But yes, I do agree with you that creating a skill just for creating a skill is rather pointless. The gathering skill could and probably should be made into "survival" or "wilderness survival" however, as that will have a lot more use.

    And yes, the event I have in mind would basically be it's own little game in a forest and could easily use the survival skill.

  13. @Khef

    An animal handling skill could come in very handy in a multitude of events, especially with the 'farm' scenes being implemented, and the vast wilderness areas where encountering wild creatures would be common.

    Your handling(or call it 'taming' ala Ultima Online) skill could determine how wild creatures act towards you(hostile, friendly.... horny)have the ability to make taming or pacification attempts(with variable success rates and multiple successes needed) to tame/pacify an animal and make it a pet/bring it to the farm(i.e. tame wild cattle/horses/dogs then sell/put them to work on the farm making $$$) use tamed horses to speed up travel between areas, dogs could have a random chance of finding a useful item for you.

  14. That's part of the point I failed to make : one could put pretty much anything and find something interesting to make out of it.

    The main reason Seducction's winning the poll is because it's the most obvious and direct way to sexiness. Not necessarily the most interesting, given that we already have charisma, appearance and etiquette who could handle it just fine.
    Not that I mind : if a lack becomes apparent later on, skills can stil be added in the future, should the need arise.

  15. I have to agree with you Khef, there are not a lot of things that Seduction would cover that couldn't be handled by Charisma and Appearance.

    In addition it wouldn't really do much to expand the scope of the game beyond what's already there whereas the other skills kind of add a new facet to the Pornarium experience.

    I like Survival just because it seems to be the most versatile but Animal Handling could open some interesting doors(no innuendo intended). I'm kinda torn at this point.

  16. I still have 3 slots for skills beyond the swimming revision, I'm almost positive survival will make it in there at some point as I've become keen on the idea.

  17. i like all the skills listed above on the poll, and think they could all be useful.

    Animal handling could be esp fun for covering animal girls like cow and cat and dog girls as well as meeting beasties in the wild and taming/talking past them instead of fighting.

    art- almost definitely a useful or at least amusing one.. put art appreciation, deciphering artistic puzzles, clues, later on a area to work where you can produce art for sale based on your skill and time, or even like a painting area where you put in time and get money back like nursing based on your skill... plus some of the artistic inspired events could be amusing....

    luck/gambling- im not actually as sure if this should be a skill. since games of chance are supposed to be mostly random anyways... though a luck statistic could certainly be useful to check against in many situations, including gambling...

    Seduction- definitely a useful skill, although it should either be modified by appearance, or perhaps appearance should be part of the skill? im not sure, its a bit of a charisma and smooth talking combo as well... i can see its purpose, but not as sure how it would work. check vs seduction modified by appearance and charisma and ettiqute and occassionally dancing? im honestly not sure this should be a seperate skill. or if some of the others shouldn't be boiled down into it. for that matter chairsma covers it well....

    Survival- is a definite yes, gathering may or may not end up falling into this.. but i can see lots of situations once you get out of the city that might just call for survival checks in general, such as; hunting, avoiding combat; finding hidden paths;finding not so hidden paths in deeper forests; finding safety, determining whats edible. etc.


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