Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pornarium 0.10.10a Released

Hotfix: A hotfix was uploaded. It made a few changes to the game that you can review on the update notes page. These changes will be included in 0.10.11a, which is likely to be the final version before I stop releasing updates and focus on making new content for this game.

Update Focus
   The primary focus of this update was the fixing of various bugs present in the game. I've begun adding some new images and some images from 0.10.5a and earlier. I've also added one secret event (that's pretty easy to find I think) written by Echorid, it was meant to be included in 0.10.6a but due to the bug filled new system I decided to scrap it until now. I felt that 0.10.9a was fairly good as far as bugs are concerned, though  there were still some issues. I hope that this version is even less buggy though I know it won't be perfect. I also hope that the milk issue is fixed but I wouldn't be surprised if it still was causing some issues.

Update Highlights

   The update notes can always be found on the update notes page, but if you just wanted to see the highlights of this update here they are:
  • Cum Volume Formula was revised! This hopefully will fix many of the issues people had with cum volume. Future revisions are planned still.
  • Windows XP Visual Themes were disabled to pave the way for "status bars" for the new sex system and combat system which will appear in future versions.
  • Bug fixes and more bug fixes!

General Update Information:
  • Want to improve Pornarium? The best place to give me suggestions is on this page!
  • Want to read the update notes? Click on this link to view the update notes!
  • Want to report bugs and see what bugs have already been reported? Check out the bug reports page.
  • Want to download the latest release? It's available as always on the downloads page.
  • If you have a bug that you want to report OR you get stuck, click on the event text box and press control+b. It should get you out of a jam and give you the option to send me a bug report.


  1. Hey! Got sent here by Fenoxo! Great game and excellent writing:)

    I was just curious about two things, one being when I want to travel to new places, the only way I seem to get there is by sleeping, which in turn lowers my Fatigue. Have I missed a button or something? I was not sure where to put this, so I just put it here.

    Final question: "which is likely to be the final version before I stop releasing updates and focus on making new stuffs." Does this mean what I think it does? Are you abandoning the game? I sure hope not, I'm loving it so far!

    Thanks for all you hard work, keep it up!:)

  2. Thank you for the kind words.

    The writing / editing is done by Echorid. While I wrote the original events in Pornicle, Echorid has edited them to make them several times better in addition to writing his own events.We've been working together since the first alpha release of this game and continue to work on new things.

    When hitting travel / sleep (or the T hotkey) it will open up the travel window. You should see another button (return to main screen) in it's place or you can hit T again. I should probably make it so the pictures change as you travel to better demonstrate this as it is a bit confusing.

    Also, don't worry: I'm not going anywhere :)

    Every other .10 versions I will be doing a release for everyone to test (0.10a, 0.30a, 0.50a, etc). Every version that starts with an even number (0.20a, 0.40a, 0.60a, etc.) will be a more private test build. I will be looking at people who have helped me find bugs and stuff to test version 0.20a coming up. Versions in between (0.11a - 0.19a & 0.21a - 0.29a) are strictly internal. Echorid and myself will be the ones enduring the torture of those buggy builds :p.

    The reason I will be releasing the game in stages like that is to keep it as fresh as possible. I don't want to release every new version as there won't always be a lot of content in them. 0.11a - 0.13a will be all about getting the upcoming sex system in the game(which I'll start posting more about as I work on it) and therefore updates for those versions would contain little if any actual content. When the majority of people playing 0.10.Xa do get to play the 0.30a release further down the road, I hope that everyone will be pleased with having a ton more to do (as of right now there is not a lot to do in my opinion).

  3. Hey, I just found this game and I think it has a lot of potential, but like Olivia I was also thrown off by traveling at first, I think the biggest problem is that there is no sense of going anywhere while it travel mode except for the buttons changing. If you gave the descriptions of where you are while still in travel mode it would clear up alot of confusion for new players.

    That and the few times I had one line sentences that are waiting for a continue click( like when you visit the restaurant from the market) that should have been combined with the next text block are my only complaints.

    Otherwise its a great game and I'll be looking forward to more of it.

  4. I was wondering if you get the Spoogenesis serum enough times will the effects become permanent?

  5. @Tantor: I agree with you guys, and I'll take some steps to address it. In 0.10.11a, I'll see if I can make the pics for traveling also change (so it looks like you are moving). Right now I agree...it's a bit off.

    @NiraveX no, but I suppose I could add a slight chance to make it so that it has an effect on the cum multiplier attribute.


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