Saturday, July 2, 2011

Seduction it is...and survival.

Since the poll is done and since seduction has won, it will get added to the skill list. Survival was a distant second and I can think of a lot of uses for the skill so I believe I will include survival as well.

I apologize for the lack of updates lately but programming the sex system has been taking up virtually all of the time I've devoted to programming. The good news is it's coming along quite well and so far it seems to be working exactly as intended (bar the humorous placeholder texts for actions). The only thing left on my list to finish the sex system (before populating it with event text) are the sexual techniques. Think of these as special attacks that you would see in combat except they are specifically sexual in nature. I think this aspect will be the most fun aspect of the sex system because it will allow you to utilize your various transformations, hopefully making them more fun to "collect". Here are some examples of some sexual techniques that are planned:
  • If your character has two cocks, naturally double penetration will be included as a possible action.
  • If your character is lactating, they can drink their own milk (perhaps once per sexual encounter) to restore some lost FP during the sex scene.
  • If your character has a large cum volume, you can give an extreme facial.
  • Perhaps if you learn some tricks from a wood nymph, you too can "clamp" onto your partner so they can't escape you much like the wood nymphs of Pornicle are known to do ;)
  • Someone mentioned tentacles before? Naturally at some point these can be obtained and utilized.

I am hoping that as time goes on, the team working on this game and the rest of the community will constantly be dreaming up new techniques based on various transformations to make the sex system even more interesting.

As far as after the sex system, I expect the completion of Pornicle to not take too long. The event editor makes it fairly simple for me. My writing is nowhere near as good as Echorid's / Hawtstuff, but at that point in time our work will start to converge (right now we are all somewhat independently working on our portions of the project) and I think Pornicle will really shine once it's been properly fleshed out. Though it may seem like it's taking awhile, the private .20a test will be here in no time. After that the combat system, Echo's farm, and 1/2 of the area outside of Pornicle will be next. I'm very excited for the 0.30a release and I hope you all will bear with us and stick around for it. I don't want to put a strict time on it, but I'd say it will be close to my original estimate (mid-June I said a month or two). Naturally if we need to take longer to make the game better, we will, so if there are any delays it will be for the best.

That's all for now. Later I think I will post a few screenshots if I finish up. My only regret is that designing the sex system has taken a bit longer then anticipated...I think it will be worth it though.


  1. Perfection can't be rushed, didn't you know that? :D

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  3. well, it was pretty damn obviously that seduction will win

  4. @SteamFox: Very true. I figured early on it was going to win but I was curious as to see which skill would be in second place. I need to think of better polls so I can have closer results :p. Last poll for swimming was something like 87 v. 13.

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  7. Didn't mean to post any comments here, but in the suggestion box. oh well...


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