Sunday, June 19, 2011

Moo! A Wild Teaser has Appeared!

So, I thought I’d give you guys and gals a little teaser of what is to come.

The other day Kei-chan sparked my interested when cowgirls were mentioned. So I figured I’d have a go at that.

I ended up with a farm, cows and chickens and a great farmland. You will spend about 8 hours a day tending to your farm, planting seeds and growing crops. Some two-three months into the game, you will be able to reap your rewards and gain mediocre payment for it. Maybe you can find yourself a wife among the ten boring npcs I’ve created, and perhaps get a child that does less useful stuff than the old rocking chair dusting away in the corner. They most certainly will not fish with you, which will be very time consuming and give no rewards as fish are not yet implemented.

Sounds fun, no?

I didn’t think so either, so fuck that shit, and let the transformations begin!

You might however now ask, “Wait Echo, didn’t you start writing this three days ago? Are you done with this now?”

Absolutely, I started it three days ago, and I do not believe I’m even halfway done.

“How slow are you? If you take this long to write one single event, when will the next version ever be done?”

Well, I’ve got news for you. I have admittedly been working slower than I would have liked, but that is not to say stuff has not been produced. I’m not exaggerating in any way when I now claim that what I have written so far for this one quest is actually as big as 1/5 of the entirety of the rest of the game! And I imagine it will be at the very least three times as big when I’m done with it! (Not three times as big as the game, that's just madness!)

“Oh, didn’t see that one coming. What can we expect?”

As I’m still in the process of creating this event, things I now say might vanish or change and other stuff I don’t mention might be added. My ambition is this: Several colorful npcs, humor and silliness, transformations galore, enticing sex and general playfulness, a world that changes around you as you progress in the quest, liberal use of the game’s mechanics and the use of skills such as alchemy. And, of course, immersion like all hell that will hopefully suck you into the world.

“That’s quite a mouthful. How do you intend to make it?”

And that is the beauty of a text game. It’s just text, and everything is possible :). When I first started getting these ideas of a constantly changing farmstead, I was like “wow, wouldn’t it be cool if I could make that.” then I was like “Wait, the fuck am I talking about. It’s freaking text game. There’s nothing stopping me!” and now I’m like “Wooo! This is awesome. Fire and lightning burst forth from my fingertips as I write at blinding speeds! WOOOO!”

I’m really looking forward to releasing 0.30 to you now, and I hope you will have as much fun as I have now, if not even more :)

If you ever wanted to create your own farm and fill it with cowgirls. Look no further than here ;)
EDIT: Since I posted a teaser at FutanariPalace, I might as well post it here as well:
"With an audible sucking noise the cups latch themselves to Daisy’s boobs. “Oooooh god! That feels good!” Arching her back into the seat, milk spills forth from her nipples and areolas. She’s panting furiously as she kneads her full breasts, producing more milk with every squeeze. In the intoxicating wave of pleasure her hand finds its way into unzipping jeans. A snicker from Claire pulls her back into reality."

Much, much more to come :)


  1. "Sounds fun, no?

    I didn’t think so either, so fuck that shit, and let the transformations begin!"

    Haha, awesome, can't wait :D

  2. imho it sounds like great fun :C
    but the transformation aspect sounds like fun too

  3. Oh, trust me, you'll get to do some "farming" in my event too. It just happens to be a bit more... "naughty" than you would find in most other games ;)

  4. Is there going to be milking machines? I love milking machines:3

  5. Manual or mechanical? How about both :)

  6. I have nothing to say


  7. Nazca what a stupid thing to say.

    Wait, manual and mechanical?


  8. At first I was thinking, "Wait, that's nothing like the events you've been working on. I'm not programming f'ing Harvest Moon: Text Edition!" but then I read more and was happy :p

  9. Hahaha, Nazca and Olivia, you made me laugh till I cramped! :D

    And yeah, I've tried every single harvest moon and hated every one of them. I love sim games, but those are just silly boring! Rune Factory 3 was the one game I actually enjoyed.

  10. I'm flattered that you took my idea to heart~

    I could help you find cowgirl images and such if you'd like, as I browse /d/ nightly and have quite an archive already.

  11. We aim to please, Echo.

  12. Kei-chan, that would be quite excellent. I don't really want to spoil anything, but if you can send pictures to then I can use what fits. Also, finding pictures of twins might be of use ;). Don't shy away from futas either, as one will find her place within our ranks. Mediafire is recommended for uploads.

    Actually, that raises a question. I do realize not everyone loves futas (you're mad...), so should I add the option of skipping her?

  13. Maybe you can only get her if you feed her a beaucoup load of priapus mushrooms?

    Or, I noticed that the description for them specifically states they are of the "red-balled" variety. Perhaps add a white strain?

  14. Hmm, that white strain might just have to find it's way into this little adventure. But no, she's supposed to be a futa from the very start. A futa with small "equipment". And then you give her stuff that rectify that "problem"...

    Why can't this work irl >.<

  15. I suppose the easiest way of doing it is just a simple yes/no dialogue when you meet her.

    As an aside I can only imagine the wondrous and wild things the white mushrooms will do. >:D

  16. I have no fucking idea :P

    Wait, no... I've got plenty. Meh, cowgirls first :)

  17. Love this idea, cowgirls are awesome. Futa cowgirls?! OMG, wants!

    /drools just thinking about it.

  18. You and me both. I can't wait till I get to her :D. Currently at 7500 words. Probably halfway with the first girl. twins afterwards, then futa.

  19. This event constantly gets better the more I read it. I want to finish up the sex system already so I can get it into development.

  20. I have three words that represent my feelings on this teaser. "Fuck yeah! Want!"


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