Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Daisy, I’m thirsty. Could I Have some milk please?

I admit it. I didn’t write squat yesterday, and neither did I do anything this evening except get slightly intoxicated (hence; excuse my spelling). I decided to give my social life a slight restart as I forsook much of it when I picked up the pen, as it were. Ok, not really, but I’m still drunk.

Anyway, I did get some work done and I’m happy to announce that, with the exception of one event/several flavor events, the first cowgirl has been written!

I am also happy to inform you that expansion events are a freaking blast to write! Through six separate events, one of them whom will be particularly… hmhmhm… “expansive”, you will get to savor the full blossoming from nearly nothing to beyond voluptous.

I’m also happy to inform you that in my drunken stupor I also managed to figure out what would make the last of the “girls” unique. And so, you will have “four” unique girls for your farm.

Why “four”? Did I mention the twins? I count them as “one” :P

There is a “fifth”, or as it were, a sixth, that I have plans for. I’m not entirely sure if I want to do more with her than I have planned, but she is already a key piece in the puzzle, and so she will steal the spotlight several times.

Hmmm, sleep or write the twins… Hmmm. Hmmmmmm. Fuck it, twins win through their sheer number.


  1. We really aren't worthy, you know. Not for something as balls-clenchingly salacious as you're making this out to be. If this doesn't put your game on the map, nothing will.

    I feel the need to repeat something I said in a previous comment on a previous post, and I'm certain several of the individuals who read your blog will agree with me:


  2. You game is balls to the wall awesome, enough for me to sign up for eBlogger just to give you encouragement, and I check for new posts everyday.

    I would also like to express a sentiment of:


  3. Let's hope I can live up to your expectations then :P

    Oh, I just made a new flower in the game. It's a pappilo flower. Guess what it does :)

  4. can you point me to similar games cuz I like this one

    maibe more items needed thou

  5. about the poll with swimming

    i think it should be replaced with somthing like

    try to pick pocket for some extra money

    but if your caught you spend a night in jail

    and it would rely on looks and agi stats

    the less agile you are more chance the person will feel your hand in there pocket

    and the better your looks the more distracted they will be

    something along that line any ways


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