Saturday, June 25, 2011

Does your version 0.10.13a crash? (Experimental Hotfix)

I'm trying to narrow down the problem as I have not experienced it on either of my two computers. I believe the new icon is the culprit. It is formatted a bit oddly and can't be displayed on windows by opening it (like other icons) so I believe I am to blame for formatting it poorly. In the future, I will continue to use the new icon but I'll make sure it works better.

Let me know if this fixes your issues:

Secondly, if you don't have the powerpack, please download that on the download page .


  1. oh, it did the trick
    back to game exploring

  2. Awesome!!! I'm sorry I caused people aggravation with my poor image reformatting skills. Nazca did a great job on the new icon and I didn't do his icon justice by formatting poorly so it crashed people's games.

  3. Don't worry, it's easily fixable :)

  4. i think u should do all the skills u have in the new vote . they all sound good :3

  5. Strange, I did the patch but when it finished the patcher said "Patch Failed" but despite this the game is working now.

    Bottom line the patch worked even though it gave a "Patch Failed" message.

    Well, as long a I get to play the game I have no complaints but I thought you might want to know that.

  6. Yeah,I forgot a simple "exit sub" line of code in the patcher to have it skip the error text I guess. That's why it says "Patch Failed!" right after it says it works. The patch actually does work thankfully.

  7. Yea I thought it would be something simple like that seeing as the patch did indeed work.

  8. It didn't seem to work for me, but I may have done something wrong. Will try again.

  9. If anyone is brave, I would appreciate the assistance.

    For those of you that had issues with the icon earlier (and needed this patch):

    If possible could you try out this patch?
    You need Pornarium 0.10.13a Icon Hotfix version for this to work.

    This will test two important things for me:

    (1) It will test the new patcher. It will check your current version against the patch. If they don't match you will get an error message.

    (2) Let me see if I fixed the icon.

    Thanks guys :)

    Important Notes:

    -You MUST be using the Pornarium Version 0.10.13a icon fix. If you try this on the normal non-hotfixed version, it will probably cause an error with the patcher (0.10.13a didn't produce version files, that is new with the icon fix).

    -Should the update not work, your Pornarium.exe file will be backed up. It will be in the same directory.

    Thanks in advance anyone who helps me test this. I know it seems trivial, but if I can get this to work not only will the game now have a patcher BUT it will also have a sexy new icon as intended.

  10. still crasing even with hot fix

  11. @caw: Could you provide an error message? Usually most people have a crash because they lack the VB Powerpack (on the DL page) or .NET 4.0 (on the download page). If you have both, an error message would be most helpful to me (it's how I found the evil icon bug).

    If you meant it was crashing after the second hotfix though, it means I still have to edit the icon further I suppose.

  12. About the poll; Art and performance includes dancing so wouldn't another new skill be needed if that won?

  13. Well I'm still getting that "Patcher Failed" message but besides that it seem to be working fine with the new icon.

  14. Uh, hey Tacoking do you know what's up with Echorid? We've been discussing some map ideas and I've yet to receive any reply to my latest mail. He usually replies in a day or (at the most) two, but I haven't heard from him in over a week.

    Is he on vacation or is he just busy writing?

    I've also noticed the lack of comments posted by him on the blog, so that's why I figured I should ask, you know?

    I understand the possibility that he might have changed his mind about some of our ideas and might not want to do them anymore, but if that's the case I'd wish he'd just tell me instead of ignoring me (I doubt he would do that as he doesn't strike me as that kind of guy tough)

    I'm sorry, reviewing my post I see that I'm kinda fretting over nothing but I don't have all that much time available to work on our ideas and I'd very much like to see them come to life that's all:)

  15. I've been speaking to Echorid regularly, as of yesterday, so I don't know why he hasn't responded. I'll throw a brick at him in an attempt to wake him up :p

  16. Excellent, thank you! :)

  17. I changed my email to I setup my hotmail to redirect the mails there, but it did not for some reason. Sorry about that.

    I'm also having my vacation now and I'm spending it wisely by writing on the farm event :)

    Twins are done now, futa this evening :D

    I'm not entirely pleased with how the twins turned out, but I shall make up for it by making them butt in during the futa's event :)

  18. What what in the butt?

    Sorry, I couldn't resist capitalizing on the opportunity.

    I must go now, my planet needs me.

  19. So, I missed the 0.10.12a update, and now even with the patch I can't run the 0.10.13a update. I'm getting a message that it couldn't patch properly when I try to run the patcher, and it just goes straight to the error message when I try to start up the program. What do I do?


    Try that link XLII. I've updated the main download link to include the new version with the fixed icon. In the event that you still have problems, let me know what the error message is. Sorry this version caused so many problems, I should have know about the icon thingy. The good news is the new icon should work perfectly now :D

  21. Thanks, it works just fine now!

  22. Hey, TacoKing, could you upload the file to a site OTHER then mediafire? my internet security system is not letting me get to the file at all, and even when I do access the site, The download link never appears.

  23. Xenotype, try Filefactory:

    I will also post this link on the download page. Hope it works!


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