Friday, June 10, 2011

Pornarium Version 0.10.8a Released

Pornarium Version 0.10.8a has been released.

This update features many more bug fixes. While there are probably still plenty of bugs to fix, I feel I'm getting closer and closer to making the game more stable. Here is one of the most important highlights from the update notes:

  • If you were having height / weight issues this has been fixed! Unfortunately due to the way the character creation was handled, your heights / weights never were transferred to your save file. To fix this, I have added new event in the government offices to the east of the river. This will allow you to reset your height and weight one time per character. Feel free to modify your height and weight to your liking (height between 4 - 7 feet, weight between 90 and 350lbs.). Unfortunately I cannot fix the stamina changes easily so they are not included yet. I am unsure if I will ever make that change retroactive, but I may find some way to do so. Future character should have their height / weight transferred correctly.
General Update Information:
  • Want to improve Pornarium? The best place to give me suggestions is on this page!
  • Want to read the update notes? Click on this link to view the update notes!
  • Want to report bugs and see what bugs have already been reported? Check out the bug reports page.
  • Want to download the latest release? It's available as always on the downloads page.
  • If you have a bug that you want to report OR you get stuck, click on the event text box and press control+b. It should get you out of a jam and give you the option to send me a bug report.
EDIT: I've also added a new "Thank You" page to keep track of all the kind people who have sent me bug reports. Your kindness means a lot to me and I really appreciate  you taking time to send me a bug report. I know it's not much, but I hope recognizing your kindness will demonstrate to you all that I really am thankful for your help.(E-mails were not placed here. I do not want to include anyone's real name and often your e-mails have had your real names. If you want, include a pseudonym in your email and I will place that on the list)

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