Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pornarium Version 0.21.4a Released

Item Bug Fix of Death
     Warning: This update is experimental, save a copy of Pornarium 0.21.3a.rar in the event that this update breaks the game. It shouldn't as I tested it fairly extensively...but I've said that in the past and it hasn't exactly worked out.

This update fixes a couple major bugs in the game system:
  • The item window should not glitch out when your inventory over flows.
  • Buttons now actually have to have their conditions met before they appear. No more free alchemy lessons :P
  • The way Sex System Specials and Items were coded was an affront, I had to revise them and place them into dictionaries instead of leaving them as blocks of ugly code that was barely decipherable by me. This part is where the instability comes from.

I'll make this the official version once people let me know it doesn't break everything, but it can be downloaded here.


  1. Where can i download an old version that still has the pictures in them so i can use the update to its fullest?

  2. The pictures are embedded into the actual executable and thus any new versions that lack them cannot display them. That said, I think most of them are back..though certainly not all yet.

  3. Can you post an update of when they are all in? Every time I download and play it seems like most of the images are missing. I keep thinking I get a bad download or something.

  4. In the next update I fixed it so that the previous image will not disappear simply because you hit continue OR an event popped up.

    At the very least you will see the location image now instead of a big blank patch of emptiness.

  5. I have things like "Missing Image Code: FutanariIntroEvent". It isn't unique to futa though, I find it a lot. Is this not common?

  6. It is fairly common due to the way I redid the event system.

    Basically, each event has a picture. If the picture field is left blank, it displayed nothing. In the next version (Monday) this will be fixed, you'll at least get the location images if nothing else instead of a blank image.


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