Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I got most of the comments from the bug page, but it itself has become bugged hilariously :P

I cannot turn on comments and for some reason they are set to off permanently ><

I am planning a small bug fix build to address the masturbation issues and will fix the page for after that. Until then it will hang in limbo. The small update is likely to be released around the usual 2:00AM EST time.

EDIT: I've made a new bug pages just because I'd feel weird without one :P
EDIT2: I didn't get a chance to fix the ghost event yet, so I haven't posted an update yet.


  1. So I am probably just blind, but where is the new bug page?

  2. It was on the bottom of the pages list, I've moved it up near the top.

  3. Well I cant find the bug page either. Of the 2 pages that come up. one has no comment ability, and the other is "page not found". My most recent bug is not being able to brew a potion after doing so more than 3-4 times. Says I dont have the required items yet they are in my items list. even after aquiring 3 ore more of the same items required

  4. Very odd...for some reason it will not let me make a bug page and allow comments on it ><

  5. and repair the last flight out of the game when you buy more than 10 items (the process remains no the game), important group make the same purchases in 1 a slot


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