Friday, October 14, 2011

Sex System Bugs

Bugs galore, surprise!
   I sat down and looked at the code for the sex system tonight as I wanted to add some new specials in and admittedly got side-tracked. Perhaps it was good that I did because there were a whole plethora of errors I noticed after reading through what I had done. I'll hold off on an update until Monday as usual instead of posting a fix build due to the fact that these changes may make things a bit unstable..I'd rather test them out a bit on my end first.

 Here are some things that were horribly wrong:
  • If a player had 100%+ arousal, your partner had 100% arousal, and you were out of FP, all three events would fire simultaneously causing who knows what to happen.
  • Orgasm Denial actions by the player were being interpreted (game mechanic wise) as oral sex actions due to a typo o.O
  • Sometimes when an NPC tried to perform oral sex or finger / jack-off your character they would instead simply add random amounts of arousal to both you and themselves with no message detailing this or why it occurred (it may also explain the occasional double messages that appeared).

Thankfully the above was fixed. I tested things out on my end a bit and it actually worked quite well. I also changed orgasm denial slightly as it was a quick but perhaps better 5 - minute coding addition that may make the skill a bit more usable. Now whenever you use this skill (or your partner does) for a set amount of rounds (usually 1 - 3) it will prevent you / your partner from orgasming. Previously it either did nothing (yet another bug fixed :P) or simply set the target's arousal to 99%...which isn't that useful.


  1. this is for your poll on the bug post

    i think once a week is enough
    unless somthing major has come up
    but just posting 1 or 2 bugs every day seems like a waste most of us do nto even come to the site every day

  2. Who is this "most of us," and how would you know?


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