Friday, October 7, 2011

Delicious Content ♥ Not a lie!

Good news everyone!

Seeing as how you guys are wanting more content, I've decided to take a break from editing for awhile, and focus on writing some more epic content for the game alongside with Taco. I plan to write several events for the University, including one story arc involving a very naughty student, which I've already started on. I can't promise any deadlines, but I should finish the story arc well before the end of October.

Stay frosty!


  1. nazca? i hope this posts, i am the one comenting on the wiki. I aswked Tacco to post it cause my comment box wasnt working. please tell me at if you are starting the wiki or should i. Tacco mentioned you were maby doing it is what the post ment about that tacco posted.


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