Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Just another update

Just thought I would give an update on what I'm working on:
(these status numbers reflect the systems themselves being functional. The equipment for example is done, but other then some standard items I haven't really added equipment. Luckily it's easy to add equipment! I just have to type a few lines of what it does and a description and *poof* it's in the equipment DB. After that, I just need to put a line of code in an event and it will add it to your list ;) )
  • Equipment: 100% Done
  • Combat: 100% Done (player side is done, working on NPC AI Scripts now. 1 / 4 basic scripts done.)
  • Magic: 100% Done (this part is actually really easy, I'm saving it for last. Will take maybe one or two hours tops)

I have to work on these to satisfy this insane programming itch I have but they are going along very well. If any of you have any questions as to how these systems work feel free to ask in the comment section :) Should be ready to put in a build soon, though I can't give an exact timeframe.


  1. Cool. Able to post here again. Well, somewhat.. My google account won't work on this site anymore for some reason.. had to get aim. Wouldn't be surprised if this is happenening to others.

    Keep up the good work. Lookin forwad to seeing the combat system.:D

  2. Blogspot is rife with irritating issues, at one point for random people it simply disabled comments on pages for about two weeks. I don't feel like getting a domain though as blogspot is free (and I already have one for personal purposes I don't want to tie in with this project) and does the trick aside from it's odd errors.

  3. For what do i need a combat system? Will there be random encounters (for example at the dark woods)?

  4. There has always been a planned combat system from the game's inception. There will be some random encounters but I don't want it to be too irritating. Also, it is planned that people can simply avoid combat by using social skills in some instances.

  5. How did you work the equipment system? Is it going to be generic like other RPGs or will there also be equipment that will affect you sexually?

  6. @Zero: I guess equipment could be defined as both. You will have the following slots: Head, Chest, Arms, Hands, Legs, Feet, Melee Weapon, Ranged Weapon, Shield, and 3 accessory slots.

    Equipment can have an effect on virtually any aspect of your character (and it can be easy to expand on it) as far as attributes, skills, and sex skills go. You could conceivably wear pieces of equipment that act as body parts your character may not have, though before I add any items of this nature to the game it would be best to somehow distinguish them from the real body parts.

  7. Good news, first AI script is done. They aren't really complex, but it works great minus a few bugs (what else is new).

    A dart throwing test mob proves to be a nuisance at first, but simply charging in and closing your distance is enough to throw them in a panic and turn the tide of the battle to your favor.

  8. I read the beginning of your post in Professor Farnsworth's voice.

    "Good news everyone, the first AI script is done!"

  9. Should have the rest done by Monday/Tuesday morning. I don't really expect anything substantial in the forms of these three systems yet (as in there won't be hordes of monsters, tomes of spells, and tons of equipment everywhere) but these are necessary systems that I'm actually quite happy to get finished ahead of schedule. (Combat was planned for somewhere around 0.30a, magic around 0.50a, and finally equipment was planned at some nebulous time between 0.30a and 0.99a)


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