Tuesday, October 18, 2011

0.23.1a Released


   I've updated the game as promised, though it's really only a half-update so to speak. It fixes the bugs but the bulk of the new things I wanted to add will not make it until later on this week due to the evils of work. That said, the masturbation bug should be fixed as should the ghost event. This version makes several tweaks to the sex systems code so it should be significantly less broken as well as random. 

   Also, based on a fan's suggestion, the new area I included last update features the "Gossip" action. If anyone has found it let me know what you think of this concept (keep in mind that virtually everything in the gossip action for this location isn't available yet). For those who may not have found it, I'll explain some of my future plans below for new areas (and eventually retooling of older areas)

Gather, Gossip, Research, and Look

   I plan to use these four actions when applicable in most locations as I have done with look. Looking around will be based upon your perception and will be used to find random events and various things occurring at a location like it currently does in game (minus the perception requirement part).
   Gathering will be used to find tradeskill items and other random things scattered about in certain areas. Imagine the river for example, but instead of simply just walking around and hoping to randomly get items you can choose an action specifically to gather them (though which you find will be subject to chance still). 
   Gossip will allow you to converse with NPCs which will give brief little tidbits of information about the immediate area or surrounding area(s). After a successful Charisma check, you will learn about what types of items may appear in an area or hear rumors about what types of NPCs you will meet or what skills you may be able to learn. 
   Finally, research which will be based upon the knowledge skill, will be used at places like the Library or other fonts of information to learn about more secretive things (such as what exactly is following you on the dark streets at night).
   Let me know what you all think, personally I'm quite keen on the idea :)

   If you find a bug, throw them in this post for now. Sadly blogger has a known issue with comments disappearing on pages so I am forced to use this post for such things until it's fixed. 

Download / Contact Info
You can contact Tacoking here.

You can check out the latest version here.

You can check out the latest update notes here.


  1. Lol, I know :P

    Sometimes I get bogged down in code that I forget the simple things. I started off down this route but instead for whatever reason (probably because the old event code was scary) lumped everything into one button.

  2. Love the new ideas! I'll hold off on the update until the one with the new content goes up later this week, but keep up the good work! :)

  3. Found new event in Marketplace, and a bug that came with it. Player is Male but when the event fires it she gives blowjob and below that it shows that she is eatting out the players pussy which does not exist.

    Also small typo when looking around the Backwater District, last sentence is "Strolling around in these parts at night can be most dangerous. [" I dont think you meant to leave the [ in there at the end.

  4. Found another possible bug, When in the park at night and doing the skinny dipping you will sometimes meet a man, when this happens it looks like both of the choices to submit and to fuck him will give the same text saying that he fucks you in the ass. Player was male at the time, not sure if this matters.

    Also the path you can find in the hedges outside the apartment doesn't seem to appear after opening it, not sure if this is a bug or just disabled for now.

  5. Fleeing the Ghost in the park gave the following error.

    Error #5 was generated by Microsoft.VisualBasic
    Argument 'Length' must be greater or equal to zero.

  6. I found the reason for the ghost event error. It will be fixed next version.


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