Sunday, November 6, 2011

Exciting stuffs

Thought I'd report that things are going quite well now that I have power again. I spent a lot of time bored without power trying to figure out what the hell I was going to do to entertain myself so I did a lot of code planning. I thoroughly mapped out the design concepts required to make magic, equipment, and combat all in one go.

Combat is the hardest to implement, and it's currently 50% finished. I have the UI done and the basic code behind it. I just need to implement the AI (mapped out already) and do the rudimentary text for simple stuff like,

"A grass snake kicks you for 8 damage!"

Equipment is 95% done and will be done as soon as I figure out how to make / utilize a copy constructor for VB I'll be finished with it.

Finally, magic is the easiest. That will take me maybe one hour to do a UI and another to code it.

I know I seem to be getting a bit side-tracked but I really feel that these need to be done already. I'm getting annoyed as I add the new content at not having say the magic system available for the Madame Mamrya events (or even the other secret area that many people have stated is inaccessible ;).

This shouldn't take too much longer as I'm mostly done. I'll also post bug fixes, make some new stuff, etc. in between so this doesn't become like the last dreaded two months where I made new stuffs in secrecy :P


  1. Psh. Weak grass snake.

    For some reason that sentence reminded me of this.

  2. I know you just used it as an example but my brain keeps going 'how the hell did the snake kick me at all? The lil bastard ain't even got legs...' But then I fixate on some of the oddest things. :P

  3. Maybe in the world of Pornarium snakes have legs

    And one beefy arm back there for good measure

    Not so far fetched considering the rest of the stuff in the game

  4. The snakes kicking is a reference to Everquest. It's a sort of joke that many who used to play may remember. The snakes in that game were basically given the warrior class with no modification of the abilities and thus could kick. The sharks out of the water in the picture by Andru, if I remember correctly, also happened in that game :P

    Oh yeah, I figured out how to copy the equipment object so equipment is 100% finished (finished as in implemented, I haven't really added equipment besides the basic starting stuff). That was actually very hard to do as I never had to copy an object before..apparently in .net or any object oriented language when you set an object equal to another you are actually setting it to reference that object. While perhaps I should have known this, it's a great thing to know now (and something that will help me in the future no doubt).


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