Saturday, December 24, 2011

Had a spare hour

Thankfully the busyness that follows the holiday season has begun to wane a bit. Amidst wrapping presents and other things I got a spare hour to work on the game  today and got a few things done including this neat addition:

You can now use the same item(s) up to five times provided you have the correct quantity. If you want to use 5 pink vials all at once you can do so, simply click "Multiple Item Use" on the item screen and type how many you'd like to use. You will then receive the item use events back to back until they are completed.

Aside from that I added some functionality to the dressing room though it's still not completed yet. Hopefully aside from Christmas tomorrow I will get at least an hour a day until I go away on vacation on January 2nd to work on Pornarium. If you want to test out the latest revisions it's linked on the Update Notes page.

Due to many new images the file size has increased to roughly 75MB up from 42MB.

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