Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pornarium 0.23a Released


   0.23a is finally out. 0.22a was an internal build and was not released here (it just added the backwater district "look" action). 0.23a is not really complete yet, but I stated I would release what I had on Monday (well Tuesday :P) so that you could at least get a preview on some of the stuff that will be added.

 There is a new area but it must be discovered first, I'll give an easy hint for this one: It's related to someone you meet and then don't meet outside of your apartment.

This area is not really fleshed out yet but there are a couple of things to do there. By next Monday, I should hopefully have that entire area completed. While I still plan to add a more content, I think it's getting near the point where magic is going to have to be introduced to the game, it's starting to slowly creep it's way in and players have no way of actually utilizing it yet (though this version does add the ability to raise the magic skill through a new item).

The new secret area is just the tip of the iceburg, it will feature two new jobs, at least two more sex techniques, and also a new sex partner in the coming week or two. If you are hoping for a lot more stuff to do, I would hold off for now, but if you are interested in previewing the theme of the new stuff or want to help bug test I'd be happy to have you test the game :)


 Don't worry, it's not some sort of ad window :P. Gone from the game are the old cheesy:

Your X skill has increased by 2!

At the bottom of events. Instead, you will see a popup window in the upper left corner (it can be cleared by hitting the X or hitting escape, and should disappear after several seconds). This popup window will contain all the new info, and does not interfere or clutter the main game  text. Hopefully this new popup window will be to everyone's liking, if not, give me some feedback on alternate ideas provided they are not too complicated (UIs are NOT my strong suite, that's one reason why Echo is redoing it :P)

NOTE: The new popup window always stays on top right now. I didn't have time to fix it this build. Hit the x or hit escape to close it if you have to alt-tab or something :P. The popup window doesn't spawn constantly if you aren't doing anything, so don't worry about it spamming you constantly if you are away from the game.

   I would like to thank Nazca for starting a wikia for Pornarium. It can be viewed on a link on the right hand side with the other pages. Please help fill out any info if you'd like, this is an official wiki for you all to post things that you discover as you play. I occasionally will be contributing (mostly spoiler free) data when possible, though that won't happen very often as I'm busy w/ RL, the blog, and the game.Thanks Nazca! :)

Check out the full update notes here.

Check out the list of known issues, and report bugs for the game here.

Before you click MORE to reveal the link to the the download, please make sure you download the visual basic power pack AND the  .NET 4.0 framework if you don't have it. Failure to install the aforementioned will cause your game to crash.

Bug Level: Low

Click here to go to the downloads page.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. It's a little incomplete at the moment but that's where you, the player, come in!

  3. Assuming that the new area is in the same space as the person you meet and then don't, and an area that used to be around but then wasn't for awhile, I cannot seem to get the new area to appear.
    Assuming it might be elsewhere, I'm gonna keep plugging away to find it.

    I'm also throwing an error on female masturbation.

  4. Ah. Found the area. The chance of encounter for it seems low. Also, is visiting the student center first required, or does it just help?

  5. It is required. I agree the encounter rate is low, I actually upped it from what it originally was too and will likely do it again. Two things are required for it to occur, I don't need to make it impossibly hard to occur by chance either.

    Also, do you all like the skill popup messages?

  6. I like them, certainly better than the old messages.

  7. Someone e-mailed me a really great suggestion as well.

    I think I'm going to make "gathering" an action at points where materials are gataherable.

    I'm also going to devise a better system for gaining hints on where new content is in game instead of making it so randomly difficult. I think that suggestion was spot on and I think the game can benefit greatly.

  8. Tried the game for a bit with the pop-ups... I have to say I have some mixed feelings. Here's my thoughts:

    - Easy to tell what effects actually happened;
    - The doubles seem to be gone (quite often, I'd get the 'gained lucid dreaming!' twice during one event, haven't seen that yet with the new system. Haven't tested too much yet though).

    - It blocks the upper left part of the pictures in its current location (@1400x900 anyway, haven't tested other resolutions);
    - Description text and events are pretty much on opposite ends of the screen, so eyes move around the screen a lot more.

    In summary, I love the idea but I'm not too fond of its current location.

    Would it perhaps be possible to have it pop up at the bottom of the current description text area? Reserving a small part of the normal text box on the right for events would keep all the information in the same area, plus it could be clicked away if the description text is long.

  9. I can definitely change the location. Also, hitting "esc" should close it instantly (no animation) as well :)

  10. Pop-up is... Um... distracting. It interrupts flow, as the current size and location means abrupt refocus of attention waayy o'er to the far side of the screen.

    The idea of seperating it from the descriptive text is good, but I dunno about a pop-up... Perhaps reserve a little space under the current text box for status messages instead?


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