Thursday, October 6, 2011

So Far...

Quick Update

Thought I would give a brief update. So far so good on adding the new stuff. Though not the most exciting, I've completed the Backwater district streets. This area contains 2 actions (boring but needed "look around" actions) that trigger up to 9 events (with a total of 18 what I would call "sub-events" that spawn from these). You'll be able to find 3 new items (1 of them is an alchemy potion to brew) while the other two can be found in other ways.

Though alone these events aren't enough to justify an update though I hope that Monday I will have finished a secret area as well as another secret area so that Monday's update will be a bit more beefy. I don't want to get too ambitious and plan the world for Monday but so far it's going at a good pace. Worse case scenario there will be these events as well as several bug fixes but I hope that I can do more than that. Once I get all the stuff I mentioned here in the game I will finish two final sex system NPCs before finally expanding the game out of Pornicle. This could be done by the Monday following next Monday but again, no promises just yet (though each Monday at the very least I will release a new version).

Stuff Planned for the Next 2 - 3 Weeks*
 (Updates Released at least on Monday)
  • Alchemy Fixes (again lol). I think I found the bug that was the root of these problems.
  • At least 5 new sex system NPC's.
  •   At least 5 new items.
  • Likely 5 new status effects
  • 1 New Location, 3 or 4 hidden locations.
  • More NPC sex techniques.
  • More PC sex techniques.'
  • Bug fixes as usual.

*This list is just a guideline, but unless something drastically complicated occurs most if not all of these should be in game within 3 weeks. Depending on RL issues, this could get stretched out to 4 weeks. All of the things above are planned and are on paper already so their implementation should not be an issue. I still don't want to promise anything though just in case, I learned my lesson last time :P

User Submitted Content & Suggestions

   While I don't need any user submitted content, I always would love to incorporate it. If you have an idea for a sex technique, an event, or something of that nature and want to see it in game feel free to run it by me. Some things may have to be edited to make them fit but I would love to incorporate them (and naturally you'll receive credit on the thank you page and update notes).
  Some areas that are open to user events:
  • Backwater Districts
  • University
  • University Laboratory
  • University Library
  • Hospital
  • Hospital Research Ward

   Pornicle has a skill cap of 20 and some limits on what can be transformed but if you have an idea it would be great to hear it :)

Contacting TK
   If you ever wish to contact me about the game to give feedback, suggestions, or anything of that nature send a message to via google talk (or drop an e-mail). If you see an away message up, leave a message. So long as you don't spam me I'll get back to you when possible. 

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