Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pornarium 0.23.3a

I've released Pornarium 0.23.3a. The new area I've introduced last time is almost complete (sigh, seems like I never can finish what I plan in time ><) but I've still added everything new I've done so far in that area. I've also made the area a bit more easier to access (previously you needed to fulfill two conditions that didn't really make sense, though independently they make perfect sense). There were a variety of important bug fixes that made the game a bit more stable:

  • The sex system AI has been tweaked.
  • The sex system will not simultaneously trigger up to 3 endings causing nothing to happen.
  • The sex system will not display text prior to special encounters after the encounter has been completed.
I've also added a few new things including:

  • Some new events building up to the new area being finished. Some of the events are building to a couple new encounters (one is a new job, one is a new specific partner) that are all breast expansion themed. 
  • Three new sexual techniques for the player to learn.
    • One is breast expansion related.
    • Two are catgirl related.
  • A new location may appear for some players (a dressing room). I know it's empty right now, there are events coded for it but without the option to perform there really are no point to implement them yet. They will be included in the next build and consist of:
    • Putting on makeup
    • Talking to fellow performers
    • Obtaining Large Blue Flasks
  • Since many have been asking for it, the character description will once again appear in the attribute window. Currently you should recieve three short paragraphs describing your characters appearance. This description took a bit of time to code, but it's very modular and I'll be able to expand on it further. The metric system is not working 100% for this description sadly.
Here are things planned for the near future (I'll stop attaching any dates since I stink at sticking to them, just know I'm working on them):
  • Two new jobs, the final two for Pornicle.
  • Three new sex system partners*
    • There are actually five planned, but I'll put the last two on the back burner so I can expand outside of Pornicle finally. Two are more "instructional".
  • Three new sex system techniques, two are breast expansion related and one is going to be a multiple tit-fuck technique (i.e. if you have more then one row of breasts, you can tit-fuck your partner with each pair).
    • I also will start filling in any item I feel should have a technique.
  • Areas outside of Pornicle will begin to be added, I'll also add the expanded lucid dream area.

You can find the link on the downloads page :). I'll update the bug page tomorrow, but for now I need some sleep.


  1. Found a bug:
    i have a 100% female character (though made with the alternate char creation) that got the "futas in the kitchen" event saying it made me hard, and had me dribble pre-cum.....WTF?

  2. Ack, stupid lack of an edit button ><.

    How are the descriptions working?

  3. The descriptions are working fine but they don't seem to mention your character's hips at all.

  4. Also did anyone ever email you a list of butt/belly descriptors?

  5. No, but thanks for letting me know the hips weren't working. I did write them in, I just forgot them ><


    The only reason content is lacking is because I seem to be the only one working on it.

  7. Alright Tacoking I sent an email with sizes and descriptors/adjectives for Belly/Butt.

  8. hmm i cant seem to get the thing i ned to make the Cliterian Potion

  9. Thanks for the adjectives :) Should be fairly easy to code them in.

  10. Hi there all
    Just wanted to ask how to get some Neko Fruits? I encounter them randomly and every time i do i fotget where i get them xD (No bugs found right now , but i dont have much time this month..)

  11. How does one learn a new technique?

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I found a bug while brewing cliterian potion, the first time I make one it work just fine, but if I try to make more it tells me I don't have the ingredients, even tough I do have them.

    I have to create a save, close the game and then reload in order to make another one.

    I haven't tried with the other potions yet.

  14. Adding to Vraptor130's report, I've been having the same sort of problem with any other potions. 7 lactin lilies and 7 alchemical ingredients, can't brew a small pink vial.

  15. Gah, cursed alchemy bug. It seems to reappear constantly, yet I can't seem to figure out why. Every time I attempt to fix it (and it seems to work) it reappears ><. I'll continue trying to fix it though...maybe the entire alchemy system needs a rewrite (hopefully not :P)


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