Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Update Frequencies?

Figured I'd ask an odd question.

Do you prefer larger (say once a week updates) in regards to bug fixes or do you all prefer bug fixes to be uploaded when they are completed?

The reason I ask this is because the game is slowly growing larger. More images are being included in the project bumping it's download-size from 25MB in version 0.10a to 40MB now, and it likely will keep increasing.

Feel free to comment and vote on the poll to give me an idea on what you all prefer.


  1. As the download gets bigger and bigger it would be best to make the updates farther apart because it will take longer to download each time but I do not think you are to that point yet

  2. I say use Tortoise SVN for updates and then people can check whenever they want or come here for the bigger update.

  3. We all use dropbox so perhaps I can simply use the public folder feature and place the game there.

  4. As often as you like. Once a week or quicker's fine with me.

  5. I'd say as quick as you feel comfortable with, as a large amount of bugs are discovered by the testing community. Remember, we don't HAVE to download every single release, so it shouldn't matter too much to those who would rather wait until a larger amount of bugs are fixed between updates.

    The only limiting factor is you, and how fast you can do so. Just proceed as you wish.

  6. I say you should update with as often as you feel comfortable with. Work at your own pace so you don't feel pressured or any thing and lose interest.

  7. Nope. I want new content and I want it now.

    Inb4 you tell me to make my own with the event creator.

  8. Dropbox sounds good, but then, I'm used to daily git/svn releases and lotsa downloading of numerous builds. Others might not be.

    How about a sort of double-up release?

    A somewhat regular main release as you've been doing, containing fixes for old bugs and whatever new content you've decided to add this round, followed later or the next day with a quick followup release, fixing the "Oops! Editing broke that..." and the easy fix bugs that get reported if there are any. Larger bugs that take some work to fix can then wait until the next release.

    That would make it optional on your end, depending upon how severe you decide the bugs are, but keep things enjoyable for folks.

  9. IMO, the best would be to decouple the assets from the main .exe - like into a satellite .dll.

    That way, you can can update them independently with adding missing images or doing emergency patched and bug fixes in a much smaller file.

  10. The way you're publishing stuff every week makes me feel spoiled already! I think once a week (bar seriously game breaking issues perhaps) is fine, along with the new content for that week.

  11. To answer the poll question:

    In general, one a week is fine. But if you fix a critically important bug or bugs, something that really breaks the game, I trust your judgement for when releasing another extra update is appropriate.

    Going off topic, I'll echo the sentiments of the other commentors. Whatever you want to do is fine.


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