Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Update by 1am, Character Descriptions Return!

I will have the update released by 1am tonight (or I guess tomorrow technically). Since so many people seem to lement it's disappearance, I've decided to work on adding the character description once again to your character attribute page. This description is slightly improved from the old. It will take into account several attributes to give you a more detailed description of your character. Besides the normal stuff (breast size/number, cock size/number, etc.) it will give you additional information based on the following factors:

  • Accounts for Hip / Shoulder Ratio
  • Tells a (hopefully) correct hair description.
  • The way other people percieve you (how attractive you are and your outward demeanor) is based on appearance / charisma.
  • Your eyes can be more seductive and can betray how lustful you are based on the attribute / skill.
  • How muscular your upper body is based upon strength.
  • How toned / muscular your legs are is based upon your agility.

Hopefully you all will like these updated descriptions :)


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