Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Skyrim obsession begining to fade :P

My obsession with Skyrim is starting to dwindle finally. I recently got back from a mini-vacation and got some well deserved rest. While I still dedicated some of my spare time to Skyrim, my attention span is now able to focus on other things a bit :P

I don't have an actual update yet but if anyone is really brave and wants to simply test out the Equipment system / magic system / combat system feel free to check out the development build on the update notes page. I don't really encourage or expect anyone to look at it, as it's still lacking content / is  slightly buggy (except the EQ system which does actually have all of it's items added). I'll continue to trickle in new notes / dev builds over the coming days until I feel I've finished up a sufficient amount of content involving these new systems (as well as the remaining Mamrya events), after that I will finally post an "official" new build. I just wanted to post this so that those following the blog know that I didn't vanish into an abyss somewhere :P

Equipment was a rather tedious thing to implement (once the system to process equipment had been completed) as I had roughly 20 pieces of equipment to add. While adding an individual piece is not that bad, I had to first transfer their stats from my notes to the game, then write an event for them, and then write a button for 90% of them (since they are obtainable in the new weapon shop and armor shops).

I'm not sure how exciting this news may be to those of you following the game, but to me as the game's programmer / designer it makes me incredibly happy to have finished these systems. They  consist of a rather huge chunk of the game's alpha phase (this game will shift to a beta phase in the distant future after a few other game system additions) and with them out of the way I can start adding more fun ways to change your character :).

EDIT: I should also mention I've got a metric shit ton of images to start adding to the game as well, thanks to those who have sent me them :)


  1. taco, i don't really think the equipment system is working...
    may be you didn't upload the newest testing build?

  2. @伊莉絲 : I use dropbox to sync our files including the test build though the regular builds are not stored on dropbox. I had dropbox syncing turned off apparently which I normally do when I work on the game heavily (so everyone else doesn't who is online doesn't see: "Tacoking has uploaded X" every five seconds). Once and awhile I forget to urn it back on, this was one of those times :P

    Should be up and working within about 10 minutes of this post. I need to stress that there isn't really much new to do yet, just the new systems being put in place. That said if you test them out, it would be great to know how broken they are :)

  3. Someone who's writing stuff for your game has been teasing me about cowgirls being in this, I'm waiting with (master)baited breath!

  4. I would strongly prefer a dropdown menu instead of these buttons.
    The gang of thugs seems extremly strong, even with the full leather set they hit like a truck.
    maybe the ui could also display the attack and defense rolls or a few tooltips so it is less trial and error.
    after i got beat by the thugs i unequipped my greatsword, do not know if this is intentional.
    The system seems to work fine, you even accounted for 2Handed Weapons and Shields
    hide, first aid and run away have some uses.
    Good Job.

  5. erm..not sure whether this is bug or not...

    about the combat in blackwater district..
    after fighting the thugs, they don't seem to be dropping anything like before... and i think their damage is too high? dealing 14-16 damage with their bare fist? i have got my full equipment on..

    and the weapon and armor shop button doesn't show in the lower tab as well

    in seducing the doorman outside Madam mamrya..it says:
    [Error Sex Skill Failure! Roll: 70 vs. Difficulty: 60 = 40 + (skill) 20 + (skill modifier) 0 (attribute modifier[s]) + 0]

    and it seems to be rolling lucid dream check whenever i went back home and any actions within the house

  6. @Fen/Taco: Yeah Echo's been promising that for a while, and seeing as how it's one of my major fetishes I kind of want to see it done. Any chance of a status update Taco?

    Also, which is more, a metric shitton or a metric fuckton?

  7. Also I'm going to take some time over the holiday break and see about getting the last few wiki pages finished, for anyone who cares or has been waiting.

    I was kind of hoping more people would have contributed but whatever.

  8. The farm event is fairly mammoth (currently it is 26,514 words and 142,632 characters :P). I spoke to Echo about it and while it isn't finished he did give me permission to start preparing it for inclusion in the game. I am grateful for the help I have received for this project and those who help are free to do so at their own pace. When Echo is able to finish it I will put it in. In the mean time I will start moving downward toward the farm as there still is a massive amount of text to include for the event :)

    @Nazca: A metric shit ton is roughly equivalent to the cubic root of a metric fuckton.

    @Aleksander / 伊莉絲 : Combat does need some balancing. I noticed that equipment is not transferring it's bonuses correctly to combat either so you are not receiving your damage reduction with leather at all ><. That isn't a difficult fix for me however..or at least I hope not :P

  9. Good news, fixed the damage reduction errors in combat and also the equipping of 2H weapons. The thugs are also toned down slightly.


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