Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hotfix #1 for 0.20a

I still don't recommend you download the new version  yet as it's too buggy (that is why it is not available on the downloads page but is still available if you look), but if you did anyways here is a hotfix to help fix some stuffs that were wrong with it.

Sorry about all the bugs ><. This hotfix should help, though if for whatever reason it doesn't work let me know. Notes for the hotfix are on the updates page.

This hotfix will only work with 0.20a.

Hotfix Instructions
  • You must load version 0.20a at least once before trying to patch the game if you are downloading it for the first time.
  • You must extract this file to the same directory as Pornarium. 
  • Click on Pornarium Patcher and select your old Pornarium exe file. 
    • NOTE: The patcher will make a backup. This backup will be overwritten if you try to patch it again so be careful!
  • The game should be updated.


  1. Interestingly, I wound up getting injected with spoogenesis while walking on the river. A little surprising. Also I'm female.

    Once that happens, it seems to freak the game out pretty hard. Getting an arousal overload completely crashes the game.

  2. tried to steal from the man at mearket, got to jail.
    the buttons speak to the receptionist, tidy up cell do nothin, look out of the window is missing?

  3. @Hedrax
    Yes, maybe TrueCrypt messed up my first attempt.

  4. Hitting "Cancel" on save or load screen still auto-saves/loads the default file.

  5. - you can not exit the prison
    - working in cumin restaurant: You can't help but become aroused by the stares of your customers. [varchangev=11, nv=1
    - Reading the book about survival there is no skill increase, or maybe there is but the text only dispalys an empty space
    - The Solutions Ward points to the odd shop

  6. "Take a shower" shows as using 0 FP, and uses one. "Cook a meal" shows 0 as well as 0 hours, not sure what they take yet. Might need to go over more of the skills there.

  7. Stamina it seems can't go over 10. I keep running and getting the stamina has increased message but it doesn't go over 10.

    However, saying that. My FP points have increased happily enough which makes me think it's a display bug rather than an engine one.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. @Blinks
    The issue is actually that the Attributes screen isn't updating. And I've already reported this in the bug reports page. Please direct future bug reports there. A link can be found under the pages tab to the right just under the poles.

  10. Thanks for posting these bug reports guys. The new event engine does not like the old events very much ><

  11. the most annoying one (prety obvious though) is that you can not buy things from the odd shop also you find the odd shop in the solution ward but you can not buy anything there either.
    you don't get the option to work as a nurse.
    for the people who have problems with the patch in win 7 run it as administrator ...unless you want to hunt for bugs you are better off playing the old version.
    PS: regarding the last pool I really think that some equipment and some more options for it would add the most to the game in the short term :D

  12. So yeah I can't get past character creation...

    I get an unhandled exception when ever I get ready to hit the Start Game button. I've successfully patched, but that doesn't seem to make a difference...

  13. yes i am having same issue by passing char creation

  14. @Aleksander on the Pornarium Patcher Version 1.03 there is a "Select Pornarium.exe" button a "Select Update File" button and when you select the files for those an "Apply Update" button pops up.

    @Hedrax File paths for both files are C:\Users\CurrentUser\Desktop\txt games\Pornarium. The filenames that I have selected are Pornarium.exe for the exe file and the update file is 0200aHotfix-1.pud

    I hope the extra info help to find a solution. And of course when I click the "Apply Update" button a message pops up saying "Patch Failed :("

  15. i failed to notice the 2 hair choices since they were close togather
    got to pick style and length

  16. I've tried the hotfixer, but it won't update, saying the patch failed each time. As far as the game goes, I can get past character creation as far as the first choice about how you left home, and if I continue past there, I get an unhandled exception error

  17. I suppose you'll want me to report the bugs I've found (I actually got a job doing this kind of work recently, so I'm right at home with glitchy games! XD ).

    1. There was a Hard Lock when I got 100 Lust; the game reported that the variable it was getting for the color red wasn't actually red (specifically, it was 154, and said the value must be at least 170, or something along those lines).

    2. When Skinny Dipping, during the event with the man who's coming on to you (I think that's what he's doing, I honestly don't remember exactly), if you choose to have sex with him the game will display all four scenarios (instead of choosing one) and the newline command for each one will have been parsed (a missing "&" or quotation mark?).

    3. My stamina couldn't be raised above 17 (even though it was being reported that the attribute was increasing). Based on someone earlier reporting a cap at 10 (and the fact that that's the first thing I've done in the game) my best guess is that it's somehow tied to the attributes you choose when making your character (I chose herm and all the left-most options for the ones that control stats (all the +2 Agil ones; let me know if you need more info to help nail this one down)).

    4. When exploring the river, it somehow gave me an event from (I guess) the Hospital, where my ball were injected with Spoogenesis). It also parsed the variable path for my characters name instead of the value of the variable (I do some coding in VB as well, so I actually recognized this problem from my own experiences! I’d guess you forgot the “.value” part =P).

    Hope this helps! I just started playing (30 minutes) and I’ve literally only tried three things (besides sleeping and masturbating to keep lust down, naturally) so I’ll probably have a lot more to report later. This is a great game. Let me know if you want any specific help, and keep up the good work!


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