Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ultra Buggy / Incomplete yet still available :p

EDIT: Drat, I forgot to update the release w/ horrid spelling / typo fixes ><, the first hotfix will be up later tonight :p

EDIT2: Drat part 2 => Character Creation is bugged, will have a hotfix shortly.
Before you download this please read this:
  • I am still behind on adding stuffs due to my revision of the event system. While most of the new stuff is in Pornicle a few things are still being added and haven't yet been due to the bugginess of the new event system.
  • The new event system is BUGGY as all hell right now, stay away if this scares you. The game will crash a lot perhaps, some things will lock up and simply not work. There will be horrors of all horrors!
  • Some areas don't have GFX yet, this isn't really anything new though :p
  • The sex system is crazy buggy right now, but you should at least see what I'm trying to do here :D

In short: I will update the build as I stated it's still going to be buggy and new content will be fed through fairly regularly for the next month at least to get everything to where I want it to be. My personal recommendation is that everyone wait until next Monday before downloading, that said if you are brave and don't mind that everything isn't all there yet check back shortly ;).

I am doing this in my spare time so as harsh as this sounds (and I know you've all been patient and are excited about this game ^_^) please don't give me too hard of a time about everything not being perfect. It's still very early on in the  game's development and I have a ton of work to do still :p

 I really recommend you wait until Monday when this version will be more complete / less buggy! If you still are brave and don't care....You can find the game here!


  1. F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5

  2. Been waiting on this update forever!!
    Thank you TACOKING!

  3. I know, but don't get TOO excited yet. It's very buggy like I said :p In the next few days it'll get sorted out and actually work as planned lol.

  4. Don't misinterpret the above either, it will still be out shortly. Just doing some typo checks and making sure it won't explode on compiling.

  5. If it does explode on compiling, consider selling it to the military.

  6. I'll check it out when you post it and give you some feedback if you want.

  7. I do want lots of feedback as NOTHING will work right :p I also expect all sorts of errors I've never heard of :p

  8. Alright. How do you want the feedback delivered to you?

  9. Tacoking will probably clear out and rename the old bug reports page so we can post what we find there.

  10. @WizardCraft: There is a bug report section to this blog.
    And congrats Tacoking on continuing with your endeavor. I know this is making quite a few people giddy to try out so thanks for fighting the good fight. Can't wait to play it myself, no matter what form it's in.

  11. Yay, all hells breaking loose now! =D

  12. Don't get too excited, a bunch is still missing (namely a couple of Backwater district events). The sex system is NOT working anywhere near as intended either right now so beware...though it should give you some preview of what it could do...I hope you find the NPC that it is REALLY intended for instead of those brothel generic NPCs ^_^

  13. It's all good. I'll help out with the bug reporting.

  14. Yeah, um. the game dies shortly after making a character.

    its a null reference exception in


    i.e. when trying to calculate player location, one of the required classes is NULL when it should not be.

    this happens regardless of player setting and happens every single time.

    which means it is impossible to actually play the game right now.

  15. I'm in the process of fixing that, easy fix and won't take long. I'll include it with my myriad of typo corrections.

  16. OH MY GOD! you are talking to us from the future!

    can't wait for hotfix

  17. Ok, fixed it, though I want to fix a few more things in the hotfix first. I plan to sleep in about 2 hours so I'll post it before then :D

  18. So many things aren't working. No working in the hospital, no options in research or solutions, expirimenting with alchemy does nothing, when cooking, nothing comes up to be cooked.

    Taking classes works, as does the brothel.
    A lot of stuff, like lactation didn't seem to transfer properly. I never got the option to milk self, and I dried up despite having made it permanent a long while back in the old build.
    Also, the name bug is still happening.

  19. @Tim: Thanks for letting me know, there is a lot that's bugged right now which is why I was somewhat hesitant to post the new version. That said, the only way to get the bugs fixed and identified was to post the new version. Thanks for being brave and trying it, and sorry it's so borked ><

  20. No prob, Taco. Every bit helps. Also, nearly all the action images aren't coming up, even actions which already had images. Cumin restaurant just has a catgirl maid for an image, no background.

    Also, New game crashes right after first question after char creation. Reloading the automade save and you can't do anything. No options or text appear at all.


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