Monday, September 12, 2011


I'm back from vacation! Today's Monday update is going to be really simple as I still technically am on vacation until tomorrow :P.

I plan to collect the bug report data and put up a new build tomorrow fixing yet more bugs (I still am off, but the tiredness that comes from traveling will mostly be over after a good night's rest). If repairing the bugs isn't that bad I'll start migrating some new content / activating it. At the top of the list are the sex system bugs. It's got a decent way to go before it's not buggy...I will get those bugs squashed though (though probably not 100% by tomorrow).

There are some other things I will add in the near future, primarily an awesome map sent to me by Olivia. While the map is completed, I don't want to implement it in a haphazard / crappy wouldn't be fair to Olivia for all the work they did on it. That said, I probably will tie a picture of it to a university event so you can get a peak at it ;).

Thanks for being patient with the bugs guys.

EDIT: Still working on the huge patch, should have it up anytime before 2AM EST.


  1. I'm getting there, I finished the bug fixes (for now, as I had to move onto something else for a bit or I would go crazy :P) and am spending a little bit of time adding a few of the new things in (so they can be buggy too I guess).


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