Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Poll: What do you want next?

   I think I will continually post a new poll asking you all what you'd like to see next, at least for awhile, to help guide the game toward what you all would like. I'll explain the choices for this poll below in brevity:

  • Combat System
    • I will work on adding in the game's combat system, this one is fairly self explanatory.
  • Magic System
    • I will add magic to the game. This will feature magic in the sex system, combat (though combat need not be implemented first), and while walking around. Players will be able to pull up a magic menu while on the main screen to cast various spells. They will function like items and occasionally NPC interactions will feature their use.
  • Equipment System
    • This will add equipment to the game which will like most RPGs, modify your attributes, skills, and even sex skills. Certain pieces of equipment may even allow different actions in combat, in the sex system, while walking around, and even during NPC dialogues.
  • Tinkering Tradeskill
    • This tradeskill will be a bit different then alchemy and cooking. It will allow you to build things somewhat in an ad hoc fashion. You may encounter a destroyed bridge and have the option to use the tinkering skill to repair it (after gathering materials). I also plan to add various workshops throughout the game which will have different options as to how to improve various pieces of equipment or craft new items.
  • More Stuff to do!
    • This is a simple "add more stuffs!" choice. If you guys vote on this I'll spend two weeks (two Monday updates) simply adding new stuff to do instead of working on any features myself (though other team members are free to work on what they want). Bug fixes will still happen as I don't really like bugs all that much, but I will not work on any features what so ever for a couple weeks if you choose this option. New content could include anything from new items, actually finishing areas, and adding new areas. Not voting on this option will not preclude me from adding new things but it won't be my main focus per se otherwise. After two weeks have passed, I'll add another poll with this as an option. If I get tired of adding new stuff and want to work on adding new features, I will remove this option from the poll choices.

During the remainder of the poll's duration, I will be working on adding new things and bug fixes, with a heavy weight toward bug fixes.


  1. D: More Content why cant people pick magic or Tinkering god >M<

  2. Welp.
    More content's good. And winning easily, so'Ill put one in for Tinkering. On principle.
    Also, I'm not sure I see the point of a more detailed combat system.

  3. How about fitting the game for wide screens? Like 1024x600 and so on.

  4. Sweet cuppin' cakes I want an equipment system.

    I want to stroll about town wearing the finest... fineries.

  5. Honestly, I want to pick "Bug fixes", but that's sadly not an option.

    Honestly, adding more content to an already buggy game is only going to make MORE bugs to crush. The best development process is to eliminate all bugs before adding more content. That way, if something goes wrong in the new build, you know it's a problem with what you just added, since everything else was already bug-free. Which makes it easier to track down, and thus fix, bugs.

  6. I understand Alonira, I fully intended to be fixing bugs, particularly this week (it's going to be my main focus until next Monday). I have a large bug list I plan to wade through and fix, I'll likely have an extra update (maybe two) before Monday solely for bugs.

  7. Hmmmm, what ever happened to that cowgirl milking thing you talked about a while ago? just curious as that sounded rather interesting from my point of view ^^; and on that note I voted *More Content* ^^;;

  8. @Khef: The sex system is actually totally different than the combat system. The combat system will be a typical RPG combat system, complete with special attacks, magic, and melee / ranged combat.

    The overall plan for this game is for it to be quite massive with tons of stuff to do. Right now it's in the alpha where my main focus is adding new stuff and features. While I feel I need to add equipment, magic, combat, and tinkering, if there is nothing to use those new features on there is little point to add them and it is exactly why I put an "add more crap already!" option.


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