Tuesday, September 6, 2011

If I called them...

...Tuesday updates would they be on Wednesday?

   Sorry for the late update, I realized shortly in my coding endeavors that I needed to touch the game's saving / loading code...something I dread. I was able to get it to work but I'm really not good at that part of coding so it took me quite some time (that and I kinda broke it at first). It works again and character creation should be back to normal. If your newly made character was stuck in limbo from a previous version, you will shave to remake the character unfortunately. This consumed most of my time tonight so I didn't really get much done, but I shall link the game to hopefully finally fix this part of the game.

Development Cycle
    I was talking with the others who have been helping me with the game and I've come to the conclusion that I really didn't like the totally isolated development cycle I took the past two months, it made me somewhat quieter and less active here than I would have liked. I've changed my mind (yet again) on how I would like the development to keep progressing. 
   I will continue making updates and bug fixes (especially quality of life ones) but I will not always release new stuff until it's ready (instead only releasing bug fixes). I think being more involved with the community is what made this project more fun for me in the first place (you may have noticed I'm once again posting a lot more :P) and my secluded programming cave just didn't work as well as I'd hoped. I'll keep fixing bugs and adding new stuff to the game when I return from vacation :)

Check out the update notes here.

Check out the list of known issues, and report bugs for the game here.

Before you click MORE to reveal the link to the the download, please make sure you download the visual basic power pack AND the  .NET 4.0 framework if you don't have it. Failure to install the aforementioned will cause your game to crash.

Click here to go to the downloads page.


  1. I appreciate the updates that you make, posting or releases for the game. Getting involved and communication open is always good, just try not to tire yourself out too fast. Finding a good medium is best.

    By the way, the updates page header still shows 0.10.07a as the latest alpha version.

  2. Where do i find cooking/alchemy recepies?

  3. Alchemy recepies you get from experimenting at the university lab. But each one has a certain alchemy skill level required to learn. You have to get the skill up from paying for the classes.

  4. Have fun on your vacation Taco. Goodness knows you've earned it.

  5. Good to hear, it's hard to poke you in the right direction if you're not around

  6. I'm back though I don't know how much I'll actually get done if anything today (as I'm still on vacation :P) but after today I should resume work on the game.

    Don't worry about me tiring myself out, I haven't been going too nuts while still spending a fair amount of time on it. I just felt bad due to being overly ambitious prior, I'll learn to pace myself better with future plans and such so I don't make my plans sound too grandiose. I have a lot of awesome things planned, I just can't deliver them all in a month or two and I came to realize that :)

    Good things in time :)


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