Thursday, September 29, 2011

Version 0.21.2a Released

More Bug Fixes
   I fixed a ton of bugs today. There are still some left but I'm really starting to make a good dent in them.

Some larger changes / fixes:
  • For now at least, I have doubled the bonuses (but not the penalty) for the character customization choices. Since I've done this, I've enabled the Fountain again in the park for each character. Should I ever revert these changes, those characters should keep these bonuses regardless.
  • Loads should work for pre-0.21.1a games. Sadly I had to tinker with the save / load code in 0.21.1a and it caused these issues. 
  •   Quick Save (F5) / Quick Load (F9)

Check out the full update notes here.

Check out the list of known issues, and report bugs for the game here.

Before you click MORE to reveal the link to the the download, please make sure you download the visual basic power pack AND the  .NET 4.0 framework if you don't have it. Failure to install the aforementioned will cause your game to crash.

Bug Level: Medium

Click here to go to the downloads page.


  1. <3 You Taco

    I'll test my save/load when I get home from work.

    Thanks for all your help!

  2. Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,Thanks For the Metric system Taco :3!


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