Thursday, September 1, 2011

An explanation of the poll: Which "new" feature do you want added first?

Obviously my main focus right now is making everything right with the latest version as there are so many bugs it's crazy. That said when I do look toward the future I wanted to ask you all what you would like to see improved or added first. Here is a brief description of each poll question...

  • Updated Character Creation
    • The new character creation planned will feature a myriad of "choices" you make as you grow up which determine things like your gender, height / weight/ and starting stats.
    • I am also toying with a new system in which you would get permenant % bonuses or penalties to various attributes that would also modify your cap for that attribute.
  • Combat System
    • Fairly self explanatory: Fight things! Win! Profit!
  • Magic System
    • Will allow the ability to cast spells in combat, in the sex system, and in the normal game's screen.
  • Equipment
    • I think this one is obvious as well, wear armor, clothing, weapons, etc.
  • Tinkering Tradeskill
    • Use the tinkering skill to make things. It will be different than alchemy and probably involve more real world uses (building inventions on  the fly to accomplish things) but it will also have some item generating uses when applicable.

Knowing this, if you need to change your poll answers it should be possible.

I plan to implement these based on popularity and will probably do this in the future with further new ideas. I want all the features enabled eventually but I figured I'd give you all a chance to determine when ^_^


  1. Think char creation is good enough right now. I'd like to see some equipment with stat boosts and such.

  2. I personally just wanna more content. I mean mean random encounter and all this sort of stuff
    damn, I'm drunk

  3. Also character creation here.

    Thanks for your hard work. ^^

  4. I would like to point out that it would be best to hold on advanced character creation until at least most of the stats are finished. There is a chance that tacoking might have to redo it after we have a few new stats to put points into.

  5. considering this last post character creation is the obvious choise ,and considering the nuber of votes it seems to be already decided sooooo Days left to vote: 12 ... y ??

  6. I'm curious about using magic, especialy out of combat and during sex. How are you planning to make it work by the way? Like in Fenoxo's CoC where, if your corruption is high enough, you can temporarily make your cock bigger and wider? (So you only have a bigger dick during that sex scene)

    Or can you make your a part of your body permanently bigger if you have the skill? (Or have more cum, more milk, an extra dick, ect.)

  7. Magic System
    abd or Tinkering Tradeskill

  8. I voted character creation because that seems to be the thing most likely to make old saves outdated to the point that we'd want to give up and start a new game, so I'd want to get that over with as soon as possible (I know that that will happen over time anyway, since making old saves compatible with new updates/features can be a massive pain (especially if you want them to conform to all the new stuff retroactively), but I figure that particular update would be almost guaranteed to make a lot of people start over on new characters).

  9. Magic is meant to function like many other RPGs that use it.

    Take Dragon Warrior/Quest.

    You'll have some spells you can use when exploring and then others have uses in combat / sex scenes.

  10. Wouldn't it make more sense to have them ordered like this.

    1) Equipment S - Need it for combat,unless u
    plan on fightin guys with swords naked? o_O

    2) Combat S - Need it to save ur "ass" from all
    all the evil stuff out there.

    3) Magic S - Part of the magic system is based on combat, so why not get it all done at once?

    4) Char S - There are deff a few things I'd like changed here. But.. If you'll have to re-do it again because of stat changes etc mentioned above. Why not hold off a bit and focus on somethin a lil more stable?

    My thoughts on the matter. U will agree.. *waves clock back and forth..* :P Anyway, keep up the good work Pornarium crew! :)

  11. ... I am curious as of why a lot of people are going straight for an update for character creation.


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