Friday, September 2, 2011

Version 0.20.1a released.

I've been busy fixing a ton of bugs, I spent a couple hours tonight compiling / fixing a bunch of them. There are a lot more to go, but the  game is slowly getting more stable again, thank you for all your help finding all of these bugs :)

Note: The game is still what I would consider way to buggy to download. If you still choose to do so, please keep this in mind.

Check out the update notes here.

Check out the list of known issues, and report bugs for the game here.

Before you click MORE to reveal the link to the the download, please make sure you download the visual basic power pack AND the  .NET 4.0 framework if you don't have it. Failure to install the aforementioned will cause your game to crash.

Click here to go to the downloads page. 


  1. Alchemy always seems to not find the necessary ingredients in my inventory

    This happened once so far, but dropping a ton of items in my room when overencumbered caused the event list to freak out. I had "Leave the restaurant", "Buy Reversia (alchemy ingredient), "Buy Futabus Cum" (i think), Sunbathe, and Have Sex with Random Prostitute appeared as actions in my room.

  2. Most, if not all of these were also in the prior version. All of the following occur as a female.

    Very few pictures show up (save for the Arousal ones).
    Lucid Dreaming's "What if I had a cock" option gives the milk scene.
    The hospital research dept shows all four items (including spoogenesis)
    One of the river encounters is the spoogenesis injection.
    The nekofruit produces the Jizz Leaf effect.
    The "Fuck him" event when skinny dipping in the park has a bunch of "etext$ = etext$ +" bits.
    The alchemy stuff occasionally will say "You don't have the required ingredients" despite having them. It often does work, though.

  3. I, uh, can't actually start the game anymore. Not sure why but I go to the character creation screen and...nothing. I can name the character, click all the features and everything but there's no option to start the game.

  4. @Kiwa:
    Sounds like you're missing an option. Once you select ALL the choices, then the button to start the game will appear. (It'll be below the rectangle thing in the bottom right.)

  5. I can't get the game to move past the introduction, I have the proper files and everything

  6. Hm. Sorry, Kiwa. Looks like the game really IS broken at Character creation... o.O

  7. Hmmm, if you have powerpack installed, .NET 4.0, and version 0.20.1a installed, what happens? It should theoretically be fixed now.

  8. Okay, maybe I was confused too. There was a time when I was having "Long null wavy hair" Or even "Null null" something hair... No idea what was causing it... o.O But I seem to have fixed it, and the game is starting normally. Sorry for the false alarm! ^^;

  9. It's np ^_^. The character creation is just bad lol. If it is voted as the thing to change first I think people will be quite pleased with what I have in mind :)

  10. I wish I could get to the character creation... It only goes to the introduction and doesn't except any inputs at that point. and I am using the new download.

  11. nevermind, my computer just has a really shitty resolution, so the bottom of the screen is cut off still obnoxious

  12. @Gyro: Check the suggestions page, it has a solution for small resolutions that will enable you to display the full screen.

  13. When you guesstimate the Brothel system will be stable and accurate Tacoking? It looks pretty damn interesting so far, although it's a bit of a cock-block that none of the orgasm or cumming text is written out for it.

    It's a shame I'm not allowed to force hired prostitutes to keep going until I myself come to orgasm as well (In game of course).

  14. @CappyAnon:

    The sex system itself is perhaps one of the biggest things I've programmed but because of that it's insanely complicated..there are still an insane number of kinks to work out.

    In 0.20.3a I will definitely look at it a bit more to see if I can fix some additional bugs for it.


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