Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pictures! Pictures Galore~!

Exciting news everyone! Thanks to Echo's, my own, and several other's combined efforts, the next after next or next after next after next build will be significantly more image-tastic! If anyone wishes to contribute or collaborate in finding specific images, feel free to email me~

Also, now I'm totally not regretting sorting my 1Tb of pr0n into about a gazillion sub-folders. It's finally paying off ♥


  1. 1TB? Either I have a very specific list of fetishes or I'm not trying hard enough.

    Also curse you for not starting that post with "Good news everyone!" so I could read the whole thing as professor Farnsworth.

    As for more images mail me a list of what you want and I'll get on it when I get home from work.

  2. can you torrent your porn folder =P j/k
    though seriously apparently i am not trying hard enough either since for gallery pics im only at about 25 gigs x.x ... now all porn thats a different story =P

  3. couldn't find your email so send on to tacoking instead. hope he forwards it to you and I'll take a look at what I can dig up in my collection :D

  4. Hakker you can email me at

  5. I must amend that these new images will be in 0.22a and not 0.20.3a (or 0.20.4a if there is one), 0.20.3a is mostly a bug fixing build...though some may sneak in before if I have time ;)


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