Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So what is Updated Character Creation?!

Updated Character Creation
   I hope this post won't disappoint anyone...though I'm sure it won' fact I think it may even make some people happy ^_^. Character creation will get a huge overhaul first, it's rather clunky and downright terrible. Here is what will change:

  1. The character creation screen will be destroyed! Gone, wiped out! Never to return.
  2. You will first be prompted to enter your name.
  3. You will be asked to physically describe yourself (options will appear to enter your own height and weight rather then being defined by buttons. These will be limited to something like 4' 0" - 7' 0" and 90lbs - 300lbs respectively).
  4. EDIT: You will be asked to choose a hip ratio and shoulder ratio as well, I will also consider adding in some attribute to describe your ass at this time (i.e. firm, plump, bubbly, etc.)
  5.  You will be given a choice to select a hair style.
  6. You will be given a choice to select an eye color.
  7. You will then be asked several questions about your upbringing. These will give you various stat multipliers / penalties. These multipliers will actually have an effect on your character and will actually increase or decrease your attributes beyond the caps for certain areas. These multipliers can be as high as 15% (so in Pornicle for example, if you have a 15% strength modifier your strength can increase to 23). While this won't be as huge in Pornicle, once you can (finally) leave Pornicle and the cap becomes 50 (and then 100, and so on and so on) this will become more meaningful. 
  8. Other questions will have other benefits / penalties depending on your choices.

   If you've already done character creation and don't want to read all of the choices available, I will provide tooltips on each button describing what advantages or disadvantages will be given to your character so that you don't need to carefully read everything twice.

But my character is already made!! Do I have to remake it?!

   No! Thanks to the flexible event system, I can actually make a special "fountain of youth" that I will place in the Pornicle Park. This won't stay there forever but will be there for long enough so that people can remake their character if they need to. Drinking from this fountain will cause your character to enter character creation again.

When will this be completed?

  I learned from last time that giving anything a deadline is a bad idea. I will begin working on it on the side and when it's 100% completed it will appear. While it is under construction I may provide an option to test it, but it will come with a disclaimer and probably require you to type something like: "I understand this is an experimental and broken feature and probably won't work" before you are able to use it :p After 0.20a is stabilized, I will begin implementing this system in tandem with the actual game and it will not interfere with the game itself (unless you figure out how to access it ahead of time and use it to break your game).


  1. I said this in your other post but I love you Taco. This is a great idea and will be awesome for immersion in the game.

    And no, I'm not sucking up to you.

    Well, maybe a little.

  2. Hi!

    I know I haven't been active, but I've been following the blog fervently all the same:)

    Just one thing; While I love the sounds of the character creation, I was just wondering if you could put the measurements in kg/cm too, so us europeans won't be too confused?:P

  3. Maybe you could set it as an option in the options menu to toggle between metric and customary.

  4. Aye, there is an option already ^_^, I'll have to put it character creation.

  5. Question! Will increasing the weight of my character have an effect on attractiveness or anything else? I only ask, because I enjoy my ladies large..and larger (I'm odd, I know).

  6. I think height / weight will be mostly for aesthetics unless someone wants to right a USC event that deals with such specifics.

  7. Am i wrong or new content is about eye color and upbringing questions(one implemented)?(=

  8. Hi, trying to play the game. But, am wondering, is there like a forum, or some place people can converse about the game. Or, perhaps someplace to find out if somethings a bug, or to report one, or various other things?

  9. We usually talk here in the comments. Bug reports have a section with a link on the sidebar of the page. No official forum though. Or a wiki really. Someone should start a wiki.

    I may have a project for this weekend if I can tear myself away from KH2 Final Mix.

  10. Is the stealth skill, not showing up in the skills section a bug, or known about? And the weird 'Your skill (blank) has increased #' error known about? Dont see anything on the bug page about them.

  11. If you think you found a new bug then post it there. It's entirely possible that Taco hasn't heard about it yet.

    Be sure to include any information you can, like what you were doing at the time, what your stats were, etc. The more information the better, it helps to really pinpoint the problem.


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