Thursday, September 29, 2011

USC Request

   The dream world will be expanded somewhat soon. Over 7 new locations are being added to the dream world. If you have an idea for a dream you wish to have represented in the dream world (anything but fetishes on the FAQ which will never be added) send me an e-mail :) 

   I do not actually need any USC as I have things planned but if you would like to have an effect on the dream world this may be a good time. I can give no deadline on when the Dream World's expansion will occur, but it will be after the Pornicle content is fleshed out (One facet each of the Backwater District and University are still required to be completed). If you do decide to help, make sure to read the page on User Contributions. I will let you know what settings are available should you be interested (as in what types of locations there will be) Also, let me know the following in the e-mail: 
  • What name do you want to be credited on the "Thank You" page.
  • If you want to be credited in the Update Notes specifically (as in, "X has submitted a new event in the Dreamworld's <area>!") or if you simply want people to know that you have made a new event for them to find.

   Thanks in advance should anyone decide to take me up on this offer!


  1. I'd contribute something but the three that are already in pretty much cover my list.

  2. It's cool. I don't actually need any USC for this section but there are places it can fit in so I just thought I would make the request :)

  3. You guys can also send me an e-mail and I can talk a look at it. If you have an idea, but are confused in terms of how to structure your writing or which scripting are needed, I can help guide you through that too.

    email and g-talk:

  4. Gah! I need to finish mine. Sorry!


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