Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Die bugs!

I'll be compiling a huge list of bugs the game currently has and plan to fix them tomorrow. That will be version 0.35 and will be listed on the actual download page. That version will also hold over 150+ edits made by Hawtstuff to correct my horrendous typos and grammar errors :P

I hope to have that available as soon as possible, hopefully I'll be able to throw the last performance job in at Madame Mamrya's as well.

I also plan to make a revision in combat based upon an excellent suggestion:

Attack will, for the time being, cost 0FP in the next version. Specials and other abilities like charge / run will use it but the basic attack will not so the player can at least continue to defend themselves. I may add a "surrender" option but am not entirely sure I will do that yet due to time constraints (finishing the performance job is more important to me then that at the moment, but surrender could have some interesting outcomes if events can be tied to it).

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