Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Note From The Editor

Long time since I've posted, but I wanted to share something that I think is important!

Due to the fact that I am not omniscient and all-knowing I would greatly appreciate if you guys would post either in this thread, or by e-mailing me at hawtstuff33@gmail.com, any and all inconsistencies you see in the game's text spacing (which is fixable by adding in "^"), or any other things you might notice (especially sex-system events.)

Due to the fact that because of the game's scripting it makes it quite difficult sometimes (again mostly in sex-system events) to logically follow grammar and sentence coherence from point A to point B in some of the event's sections, I would find it tremendously helpful!

Here's what I need to fix pretty much anything:

A:) Description of what looks "odd." You can be vague if necessary.

B:) Tell me exactly where the event took place at, i.e. "marketplace night random event."

C:) Tell me exactly what type of character you used, e.g. "Futanari, one cock that is >12 inches, has balls, and is lactating."

Again, thanks guys, your continued enthusiasm for our game will continue to inspire us! Anyone who helps will receive credit in the update notes, but be sure to tell me what name to use :)


  1. i found a problem when my character masturbate and self suck, the game will generate that my character has two cock...this happen when my cum volume over 100ml.
    my character..futa, one cock 16 inch, has balls.

  2. Orgy in the Park 2 A.M.

    A woman ripped off my char's pants and started sucking, but one line later another woman offers her pussy. It doesn't mention the first woman stopping when my char starts fucking. Later on when cumming it mentions the original girl sucking, while in fact my char is fucking girl #2.

    Char: Male, 15cm cock, balls, 7ml cum.

    Also I'd like to note that the game often mentions 15cm/inch when referring to cock size. The inch-part obviously shouldn't be there.

  3. Walk around marketplace 11 P.M.

    Catgirl event.
    A "[cockonly]" code is visible in the text. As is 2 orgasm events.(likely due to incorrect coding)

    Char: Male, 15cm cock, balls, 7ml cum.

  4. Self Suck

    "[/Multicock]" is visible in the text. The text is for a char with multiple cocks, my char has only one.

    Char: Male, 30cm cock, balls, 198ml cum.

  5. I fixed the cat girl event, but I'm having trouble replicating the self-suck event...

  6. the event at madame mamrya's when you can tip the girl

    in the text it refers to her stimulating your cock even if you dont have one

    char: female, e-cup, lactating


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