Thursday, February 2, 2012

Suggestions List

I've noticed the suggestions list has grown rather...well large and is one-sided in favor of those that are 0% implemented. I am going to do my best to implement your suggestions as they are important to me, I'll try at a minimum to implement at least one suggestion each update (provided the ones left aren't ultra complex) to make the game better. The one's I'm looking at for 0.35a will be:

  • Option to disable pictures.
  • Ability to return to main screen.
  • Lactation will no longer abruptly end after 4 days and reset in value, rather it will start to decline after 4 days each day until you stop producing.
  • Make it so you can still move when your FP are reduced to 0 if the movement doesn't cost any FP.
  • (possible but not likely this go around due to time) Add some sort of indicator displaying how aroused you are / how long it's been since you milked in lieu of popups.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll keep working to make the game better!


  1. "Add some sort of indicator displaying how aroused you are / how long it's been since you milked in lieu of popups." While I definitely agree that this would be an improvement, the pictures that show your arousal are extremely hot! Whenever you get around to doing this, could they be reused elsewhere? ;)

  2. I'm thinking of actually making it some sort of option to select one of these three:

    -Show Arousal / Milk Images & Visual Display
    -Show Arousal / Milk Images only
    -Show Arousal / Milk Visual Display Only

    Also, as per the original suggestion, I'll add some form of indication in the Attributes or Status Effects screen.

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