Thursday, February 2, 2012

Version 0.35a

Version 0.35a has been posted!

If you had a previous development version of 0.35a you won't see too many changes, but if your last version was 0.34a you'll see these changes among other things:

  • A slew of bug fixes
  • New events outside of Madame Mamrya's
  • A new enemy
  • Two new sex NPCs (Shandia and Fiks) for the Sex System
  • Five Implemented user suggestions:
    • Slightly retooled lactation
    • Movement is still possible when FP is 0 if the area you are moving into does not require it.
    • You can (finally) go to the main screen from the game.
    • It is possible to disable images.
    • Attacking now costs 0FP.
  • A new job
Next I'll be adding the last job in Pornicle (performing at Madame Mamrya's) and then the gates will open to the Northern Highway. This will include a new [partial] fox transformation item and the raising of the skill / attribute caps to 50.

You can find the update on the download page.


  1. 35a killer bug. Game lock-out when "Fuck Shandia" event ends. After event end, game window title stays "Sexual Encounter" with no buttons showing. Nothing left to do but exit game. Right click brings up stat menu, but only allows access to status pages, not equipment, items or game save/load (as with previous bugs of this type).

  2. @JustDoug: I though I had squashed that evil bug, I'll have to look into it again and perhaps rewrite the sex system's code in it's entirety. When the event ends, did you succeed or fail? I've succeed prior to uploading the latest version and was O.K. If you did succeed, do you remember the last action you took?

  3. I went through the event several times, making sure it wasn't a fluke, winning some, losing some. I didn't use any single approach, sometimes using Specials, sometimes not. Sometimes it was the first thing I headed out to do, other times I visited elsewhere first. In any event, everything worked just dandy until after the final results were reported; when the exit button showed up and it was time to leave. Then it would hang, looking all the world like return not doing its thing.

  4. Hiya! :) Long time no see?

    Just a thought: Since you're making it optional to enable pictures, maybe you should consider uploading two versions for the next release? One with images and one without? I'm downloading 0.35a right now and noticed it's 75mb in size, which is quite allot, so maybe those with a poor internet connection or maybe just want the text could download the one without pictures instead? :)

    One more thing; when will my map be implemented? :P If you've decided not to go trough with it after all, that's fine by me, just curios that's all ;)

  5. another bug. You can brew soltry suntan potion while experemen with potions, but you can't brew it in menu brew potion.

  6. So I'm not entirely sure what happened but in the private changing room everything just went black there's a continue button but it doesn't do anything and now the save I have which was saved in there but before the event does the same.
    I can upload it to media fire or something if you want to see it because I don't know what went on.

  7. @Olivia: I didn't forget the map and I absolutely will be including it, I guess I just work a lot slower then I'd like so I haven't put it in yet :(

    Also thanks for letting me know about these bugs :)

    the not working save

  9. Hi Taco,

    The skills and stats don't seem to be adding properly in the new version. Example (Cut and pasted):

    Alchemy: 1 (base skill) + 0 (skill modifier) + 4 (Intelligence bonus) + 0 (equipment bonus) = 4

    The base skill should be five (5), shouldn't it?

    Another weird one:

    Charisma: 2 (base skill) + -1 (skill modifier) + 2 (Appearance bonus) + 0 (equipment bonus) - 1 (lust penalty) = 3

    This should be two (2), shouldn't it?

    This addition error seems to be present for the following skills EXCEPT for:

    --Dodge, First Aid, Melee Combat, Performance, Ranged Combat, Subterfuge --

    In the Sex Skills, the calculation seems to be going the other way:

    Example: Anal Sex: 1 (base skill) + 0 (skill modifier) + 1 (Strength bonus) + 1 (Stamina bonus) + 0 (equipment bonus) = 4 [ x 1.05 multiplier]

    This should be three (3), shouldn't it?

    Example: Kama Sutra: 1 (base skill) + 0 (skill modifier) + 1 (Agility bonus) + 1 (Stamina bonus) + 0 (equipment bonus) = 4

    Same here, this should be 3?

    This one went the other way:

    Orgasm Denial: 1 (base skill) + 0 (skill modifier) + 4 (Intelligence bonus) + 0 (equipment bonus) = 1

    Just wanted to let you know so you could take a peek. This is with a brand new character started in only version .35a.

    Thanks for making a great game. I'm looking forward to the stuff outside of Pornacle

  10. Thanks for pointing this out, the skills are actually calculated correctly when the game checks them (when you are using them) but I changed a function relating to how they are displayed. I thought I corrected it before uploading it but I did work rather hastily on that portion of the update. I'll take a good look at it for the next version :)


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