Monday, August 22, 2011

A recap on Pornicle

New Stuff to do in Pornicle

  I've talked about the University in some detail but really haven't elaborated on the other areas of Pornicle. I'll give a quick summary of Pronman's Pub and the Backwater District . Both of these areas along with the university are rather large. Several events are tied to these places and they include the potential to learn anything from new sex system techniques, find special partners for the sex system (when I say that, think of them as more defined and less generic NPCs for the sex system), and even learn some new cooking or alchemy recipes.
  • Backwater District
    • Brothel (sub area)
      • I don't think I need to really explain this area too much, but there will be four doors available when you enter it. These are based upon which gender you prefer to interact with (female / futa / male / any). You can either work here or find a prostitute for a fee of course.
    • Streets
      • Like the marketplace / residential streets, there will be a look around event to scope out the area.
        • I won't elaborate too much, but this will lead to at least one or two additional actions, one which can be used to make money.
      • There are is a secret or two to uncover here ;)
  •  Pronman's Pub
    • Become a bartender or a cook to earn money!
      • Being a bartender is a fairly normal job though being a cook will be one of the better jobs in Pornicle...though if your skills are not up to par expect to lose your job!
    • Carouse
      • What fun would a pub be if you couldn't meet people.
    • And naturally, drinking if you fancy it.

In addition to the above, a few spots you already are familiar with have gotten some additional content (in the form of a user submission).

Next Monday...

  I will stop adding content and work on fixing any crucial bugs, then by Wednesday I'll post the next playable release. Life has been busy but enjoyable so as the last update stated, don't go too crazy if there isn't as much content as originally planned (i.e. .30a), I can only work on this project as much as freetime allows. That said, once again development is going well and I'm in this for the long haul :). I will spend roughly a month (not counting a week off in September, I'm going on vacation) releasing bug fixes as well as new content. Until that month is over (if I were to put a date on it, I'd say October 4th) I will make public changes and content additions before returning once again for two months of closed development (with a private alpha test for people have helped with things like bug reports and USC) before the next public release.

  • August 31st - October 4th Public Release Cycle
  • October 5th - November 1st Private Development Cycle (with Private Test build on November 2nd)
  • November 1st - December 6th Private Development Cycle
  • December 6th - January 2nd/3rd Public Release Cylce

I won't make any content pledges or anything of that nature, but I will stick with that cycle.

About .2Xa..
   It will be incredibly buggy! Be warned. When it is released, only the bravest should play for the first update or so. Also, if not enough content was added/what you were looking for wasn't added yet please be patient. Life to me trumps the game and I must focus on that aspect, though I'll always work on this game :)


    1. I'll have to tear myself away from DX:HR to play the release when it hits.

      Shouldn't be too hard. After all, there's no tacos in DX:HR. Streets yes. Pubs probably. Brothels maybe.

      But no tacos. 'Tis a sad, sad thing.

    2. While the download page words are updated, I don't see a new link for the actual download... :(

    3. Make it on October 6th so I can justify it as a birthday gift.

    4. It's only me or the comments are frozen until the next release of pornarium?

      Hang in there guys, the trophy is waiting for you! ^^


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